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So Sad Lyrics

I wake up in the morning
My wife is watching us
Last night I told her things weren't good
I told her we should pray today for the day to go right
I go seek to bring her before sunset 

She is understanding but for this she does not believe
That we will find today though yesterday 
We slept in pain
We have'nt been able yet until now it's 15 years

We are far away but our dream is not yet fulfilled
But the children still go to school
Though at home there are many problems
Education but the challenge is that of reading books
Mostly Kiswahili and Mathematics

My life has been sick for some time now 
And she is still undergoing treatment
It hurts me to go to bed hungry
When kids look at me with pitty

I know it's a challenge and the planner is God
The hustle will always be there until I die
I still don't believe why a poor man's cow cannot breed
So let me try

Life is so sad
Life is so sad

There are times when I get frustrates
Until I don't feel like falling in love
Put God first and watch your life changing
Believing in yourself is the secret to success
But many dreams die due to stress

Dear God why don't you open doors for me?
Look at how neighbours gossip about me
They keep taking me down
If I could I would destroy them in the past

But frankly I have no money and I haven't payed my rent
Please show me the way
I haven't received my salary from the boss now its six months
He doesn't pick up my calls
Whenever he sees me, he scolds me
At home there is no peace

What bothers me is how tomorrow will look like
I know power is the capital of a poor man
And I have it
Challenges should not bring us obstacles
I believe our end will not be like the beginning
Trust me beiby

Life is so sad
Take me away

I receive a call from home that my wife is overwhelmed
She has tried asking help from neighbours and she has been granted
She seems to have a problem with the breast
I'm not sure if it's hypertention or maybe something is wrong

Run, if you delay it might be dangerous
She cannot speak her voice is too low
She has been taken to the ICU we are waiting at the doctors
And we inform him he will receive money when you arrive
If they agree

Come to the hospital

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Release Year : 2020

Album : So Sad (Single)

Copyright : (c) 2020

Added By : Huntyr Kelx





Young Killer Msodoki is a young rapper from Tanzania. ...