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Headshot Lyrics

Yoooh T.G.F once again
Top gutsy family
Mk Capo
Fenrir you ready?
Elishki On The Sound

Yoo, Eeeh So you claim you real
Yet yo mama got no meal Had to lock what I feel
Heartless world get yo pill We flexing with no deals
Living our life and we kill Don't get e'm on our deals
And if it's on us keep it sealed (keep it sealed) (ssh)
Aah Yo ma brothers friend not mine aah aah
Come we chill in ma crib if you slime (man man)
Had respect for him till he crossed line (Pussy)
Dead alive don't play maybe we from same side
Aah yoo, its head shot And we live big coat
She swallowed my kid she thot broo
Broke acting loyal Spiting bars wit zero vocals
Don't play am antisocial Niggah gay eating orals
We manual not doing auto (Skrr)

Headshot bro we doing headshot (headshot)
Headshot am talking about the longshot (power)
Mess with tgf bruh that's a headshot (headshot)
Mess with both of us bruh that's a headshot (power)
Headshot be chilling outside with the rainstorm
Headshot she asking begging for the backstrokes
Headshot you messing snitching with the gunshot
Stone cold be 'laxing stoning with no brains on

No capping displaying the many
Remaining we got it behind it
No capping for nothing no money we go it
No calling we strolling no chasing beyond it
Nobody we calling they talking am yawning
No begging no lying more offer denied
No fucking No Nothing no goofy
No capping The strolling for money no killing the vibe
I pull out the stick they call it a murder the shawty is sadder
No holla she happier no wonder she going
The shorter the run the sweeter the fun
No pullout she a mother no father now sooner
No father denial no never forever
Been calling the phoney somebody is holding
My brother connected Eyo Mk shit is wavy
Shining with vvs
They mad they gon' see us on TV
Bad bitch like riri We good go check on CV Traveling over Sea Sea
Pussy wet fucked with no cd She sucking ma d d
Tight thing man now she bleeding
Am on her t t Brain freezed like he reading
Got her on her knee knee But now she pleading
Planting the seedlings Get me home fuck this tweeting yoo
Location dropped lets go do weeding (ssh)
She left you bro don't get on yo feeling
They come and go bro so take it easy
Fucked that bitch raw and passed it to bro holla
Hit it whenever you on thinking for money and go
Never be fucked been thinking 'bout the bag holla
Chasing the bag am in no waiting for them to flex
Only tgf on my head I'll get it tatted holla
Smaking the hoes in the crib better she say your name
On the road to fame guess won't be the same holla
Strolling for no no that's me be keeping the hoes in the dark (holla)
Headshot Power Mess with T.G.F bruh that's a headshot (headshot)
Mess with both of us bruh that's a headshot (power)

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Release Year : 2023

Album : Headshot (Single)

Added By : Bottomgee





THE BANS is a hip hop trio rap crew hailing from Nairobi, Kenya. The crew consists of three songwrit ...