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Midnight In Nairobi


Midnight In Nairobi Lyrics

This is midnight in Nairobi Niggas
Silver muthefckn stone, muthfckn barz niggas
Uh, lets rap, lets rap lets rap
Uh, uh, uh, uh..

I had nuthn on my plate
Figured out and go get it
Figured out I should go play
If it ain't give me guap
I be like no way

On my shit 25 they fuck all the whole day
Uh fuck the favor, fck the handout
I never had my hand out
Last time I had my hand out 
Niggas acting like -she and we feel out 
Fck mfcker and we fell out 

Am in my bed like a plug
Nigga wanna give me shit nah
Show me how to earn uh
Cz ain't trynna leach, am tryna reach
A level nigga make a difference like mine is shit
Fuck a rapper I can show them how to rhyme this shit
You need a nose job can't tell am the shit
Am really headed doing nigga I ain't tryn this shit
She deserve for less to leave, I be high as shit

Fuck y'all you ain't seen the dream
I be chasing meg cake till I get meg queen
This is the mad mean I no go around with the admin
On your face like what damn mean
What the fuck who they hate for
Slack niggas just hate for
Am here to get what I came for
Am talking all my bills paid for
And my mom paid for
You watching me that be paying for

Oh I get it they just met
Same niggas hated wish me well
But this facts don't mean non good say to you
You could tell if you ain't dead damn you could tell

Am back on my bullshit, how they gon sleep on my new shit
Once they don't feel me don't no rap that's the true sht
Give a fck bout it, come and fck about it with luck
I ain't give two fucks and two shits
I ain't loose my sleep over bullshit
I stay trapping on my hood shit look
Ion care who rapping ion care who lit
Nigga am the queen you can't do shit
Am going bad like its --
All the damns often non of them is hot as me
New drip I cop it, non of them is fly as me
If we ain't smoking non of them is high as me

Look, so I keep it rocking for pit sake
All these rappers sounding cliche
Its 2k19 y'all on old news
Am here to change the whole game like a coach do
So when I walk through, dance when I walk through
Bag full of goons just making hard to talk to
Bag if you tryna get a verse for your song too
Brag when they see me they be seasoned lik 202
Mad cz they hating -- thats all they all do
Damn pretty gal keep a gang in his all goons
He be sending all cash I be sending all nudes

Top two and not two who the shit and not you
Y'all too sweet all I see is not you
Tell whoever wore the crown that it's not yours
This is sick art, this is mad poem
Everybody fucking with my shit this is not hard

Put your money up back, I woun't take over

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Release Year : 2019

Album : Midnight In Nairobi (Single)

Copyright : (c) 2019

Added By : Huntyr Kelx





Silverstone Barz aka 'Punchline Queen' is a rapper from Kenya. She went viral after she ...