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Kidungi Lyrics

You will be turned into a filter
Each zing has made a living
Ground nare will be turned into a filter
That's your riang 'search title
I'm glad I did it even in ki ital
I can't mind if you want to be a rival
Top Militan has come up with a riftle

Their mandaki we beat mosheki
At the top they began to cut us a cake
If you claim to be, you can come up with ideas
We will be the ones who will be the ones who will be the ones
Recovering manangos is not a magnetic opiate
Fill in the full clip above I got maibe
When we sniff, we fry each egg
We are busy not waiting until I come

Waliring will eat ma viding ju
You do not know how to hunt for vushying
They are not the only ones
Senke tuko baze tuko jing
If we load the magazine you will only remain in the scene

I claim you are a cripple on the side
Ju mi ndo mtambo and I play like Rambo
I cut them like mango and throw them to the terrace
And if you have a king for your food (for your food)
I love you like Vandetta and I will make you complain
I'm a kidnapper and I'm a kidnapper and I'm just kidding
Goon man we are looking for all those we know are warazi

For the Russians, they dress it up
We jichoche is the buddha you passed
It is a kunre you will fight nine
And if you do, there will be nothing left

Vibe Ngenje is the riang '
If you do, you will find that the ground is parched
Mr Man, the lines are clashing
I launch maga then shola and kimash
We're stuck with Lugz
Bring to the forefront will be left with mathugs
Dudi maths, we are looking for shagz one way like a hyena
And the reverse time (Madi tingz)

Mazing is just hitting the baroda
Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice
Tap the carpet to cool
Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice
Babylon is only claiming Portmore
The only part I didn't enjoy was the weeding and cultivating
We do not cheat them and the cats are a threat
Bring blodclat to us

Tiang 'ban this akibonga is abugde
Babylon is dead and we have it
Get the best of both worlds
Try to find out
When they climb, we sniff
In the morning we hit the cinema
Backstreet if you focus you remain
Our Riang 'injected them with mandaki

These beats we push with ass
We feed them das and nipples are burst
Round 2 we come to brush
Their rhyme there are such zimerust

(Alex Vice)

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Release Year : 2019

Album : Kidungi (Single)

Copyright : (c) 2019

Added By : Huntyr Kelx





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