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25Flow Lyrics

25Flow, 25Flow
25Flow, 25Flow yeah yeah check

Heard the talking going round 
Have you heard it's that chiq?
Men, the spit game is on yoga
I think she really is sick

She always dripping, men she saucy
Shawty really be grip
Always I've started looking tasty
Shawty really be lit

Men this flow shit come so easy
Men I really beat it
Drop the beat am working 
Am like, men I really be fit

If ain't they gonna call it music 
Men I really can’t quit
Exclusive records you can try
But men you really can't hit

Getting bread, shout out Dej
You don't wanna try me
Am talking green and you don't get it
Men my language signed me

And I don't mind if she from the North 
But she be moving grimey
Am a dog in love with essen lion
Hope they crime me, I am a wolf

Men its like am from Alaska
Guarantee she muffing nuthin'
I don't care to ask her
Gasping what am saying
He know I be moving faster
All we blow is gas
We preaching loud just like a rasta

Hate or love am moneying, uh
This is just the beginning, uh
Am the best, 
Its only ride I get it
How am living, uh
Call me Bob am bidding, uh
Am on the way, they swimming, uh
Now they wanna listen, this is the beginning

Every single day I wake up 
And I am just thinking how I'mma get me this cash
Already got a pile of money am hungry 
So better just stay with this dash
Small twerk and I ain't willing with it
So they tell me am going too fast
See me out here and the girls on smash
And I might, if she thinks she bad

Expect it, from Turkey
We talking on the phone she perky
I am wifing a fam in a parky
I keep it lowkey, you've never heard me
Spotting my cup like a murky
Oh Lord have Mercy
Feeling like my bloody got me dirty, uh
When am manning nobody can hurt me, uh

Hitting my blunt on the chopper lane
If I tell her I want it she trapper men
But I don't want pussy, 
She know when I got it men
Life on the go I need a caravan
Give me, gimme all the billie billies
Got to the bank do the shimmy shimmies
Spend them 50/50 if you killem with me
Am leading leading, you silly silly 
Twerking to me --- eating Peri

I'mma cry you, whining
I stare on my own like an Aime
The one I worn it like my diamonds
Young, grinding and am styling
Wrist rocking like am mining
Now they watching 'cause am rising
We gonna blow, could you time it? 


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Release Year : 2019

Album : 25Flow (Single)

Copyright : All rights to the owner.

Added By : Huntyr Kelx





Bey T real name Betty Atsedu nickname Young Jegna  is a Kenyan hiphop artist/ ra ...