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These Girls


These Girls Lyrics

To all the girls 
Who have ever broken my heart
Just know my mama doesn't like you
I write for girls who dont 
Understand why I write

I write for girls who dont 
Know I write
I write for girls who dont 
Appreciate how I write

For girls who are never
Wrong I write
For dark paths and heavy hearts
I light
For uncertain and the powerful
I might

Never ask a girl why 
She is in love with you
More so it doesn't make you
So happy when you look into the mirror

Because these girls can be very petty
Maybe she is in love with the way you look
When you sleep
And if she dare tells you its because
Of your personality
Then maybe you don't look as good

It is better she tells you
She doesn't know why
Than she has no reason

The problem is me and not you
Any woman would want to be with you
When these girls tell you this
Congratulations for you have found yourself a new ex girlfriend
And your girlfriend sorry, your ex girlfriend has a new boyfriend
These girls don't like it when you have so much time
And too little money to spend

These girls like when you truthful
But not the truth that you don't have money
So most of these boys have to pretend
These girls like a guy reserved like on Monday
But still end up with a guy hyped like the weekend
I always tell these girls that love is James Bond but not Bill Gates
But they woun't understand the idea is to find  a guy who will fight for you
Not a guy who will pay someone else to fight for you 
As love is first hand

And when you run into trouble, go down on your knees and talk to God
God will not use it against you when you guys argue
Unlike your girlfriend
So next time they ask you if you still have a girlfriend
Tell them life moves so fast that I have to ask my girlfriend
If I still have a girlfriend, now that's being a responsible boyfriend
Coz these girls will move so fast from being a woman of your dreams
To giving you sleepless nights 
Some of these girls cannot take half the love they give
Most of these girls just exist they don't live
Long after break-up they you'll go but still they woun't live
If love was a sight then most of these girls stare
Some of these girls are heartbroken 
Coz instead of looking for it in the heart
They think the love is in the air

I'll say it for the last time
No girl should miss school because of her menses, period!
To look down on these girls then see your mum
As the strongest human alive
This double standards on steriods 

Some of these girls have met cowards
Most of these girls have been hit more than your favourite song
Has been on replay
You don't want them to open up, these girls have gone through alot
But do they say before the world ends

I pray someone touches your heart like you did that person 
Who never loved you back
I pray sometime in your life, you will find someone who feels good
About the idea of you loving them
I pray these girls learn to love themselves 
Because it takes so much courage to hit, before the world ends

These girls need to know, it's okay to love and not feel appreciated
Shows you are human
It's okay to let go if your love never made the other person feel happy
It shows your love was genuine
It's okay to miss people who forgot you exist
Shows that you had a good memory
It's okay to let go  but not to give up
Mostly it's not a compliment when these girls tell you
You remind me of my dad 

These girls have gone through alot in the arms of people
They trusted most it's sad
So there is nothing beautiful saying you will hold them right
Some of these girls fear that you don't end up like their fathers
Coz you just bite

Some of these girls don't believe in love but they believe in God
Somehow they believe in the same love because God is love
Most of these boys have looks, but these girls want more
These girls want character something these boys don't have
Most of these girls have gone through alot
Like text messages of a cheating boyfriend
Some of these girls are complicated like maths
They themselves can't understand

These girls wanna make a statement but grammer woun't let them
All they wanna be is happy but these boys woun't make them
These girls tryna find themselves deep where planes can't take them
These girls don't like it all the time when you tell them to send pictures
These girls are gold not all that glitters
These girls cry, these girls cry when they are happy
These girls cry when they are mad
These girls cry when they are scared
All am tryna say is these girls cry when they are not supposed to
These girls will fall in love with you for the comedian that you are
But once you get into a relationship you cease being funny
Some of these girls knock on open doors
The way some of these girls have saved you on your phones only God knows
Most of these girls have been played but they want you to pause
These boys act funny but these girls have shaved these
Now you know why they can't raise their eyebrows

These girls become mothers
Mothers who give us education
And words some of the can't even spell
These girls go through alot but the smiles they give
Some of you can't even tell 
Am here to tell these girls that it is well

And when they die all they deserve is the heaven
Because on earth they have been through so much hell

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Release Year : 2020

Album : These Girls (Single)

Copyright : (c) 2020

Added By : Huntyr Kelx





Willie Oeba is an urban spoken word artist from Kenya. In 2019, Willie was featured in deliveri ...