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Deceased (Freestyle)


Deceased (Freestyle) Lyrics

So give me another beat
I dey see things for online
I for address am
Make I get some killer beat sef
Is my liking....

Hmmm, I like it
Somebody is finally dead men
Dead, dem ded
Obibini go get 'em back
Dexter, messiah

Yoh my dagger got too sharp 
For this wey the scapegoat
Wonder what tortoise dey do 
On the track of Hussein Bolt
This pupu staying bold

Dem rushing exterminating 
The ways on the same boat
Leave my cocktail lone for your paythru'

Been a mentor when there wasn't mentor or a kraku
Better watch your mouth before I smash it with a vasefull
I know they mind breaking ocharme's heart if it staged dude
Because of hate, modi worri toto Lekki phase 2

Am not your regular celeb
Am selected by Celestar
You have to set free list of modern kumbisale
Beef alert so he doesn't want it kokobisane
Obi is posiding to this fishermen

I no dey care if you know they bab the badge
If you Google or sabotage eday you there
So now them sellout Jesus for baraba
Always trying to emberass us 
You attack us in paragraphs
Come and ask me why 
They fear to book rappers with fire bars

Heyoo himie m3hwene cast s3 doctor like
Silly gay boy I know you like me
Wo k) UK wonyas3n probably 30 Pounds
And a couple white Tees
That shit no fi buy my Nike

Y3nka Kumerika I no dy see you to be part
Asaka Boys, Kofi Jamar, Yaw Tog and that's that
It just be your opportunity tryn to mingle with the pack
Following back nti d3 bia wonae bu fi s3 Mungo Park

Wudo best rapper k3 here
This bustards are annoying 
Mudi crops that the farm equipment
D3be tutu poin
Kasa harry passmark e no pass the point
This be chicken change me bottom
Wunime last rasta coin

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Release Year : 2021

Album : Deceased (Freestyle) (Single)

Copyright : (c) 2021

Added By : Huntyr Kelx





Obibini is an artist from Ghana signed under Zylofon Music. ...