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ACE Lyrics

Win (winͻ

Osi Dean,come on,Asakaa,come on now
KingKong Nyame yɜ Ace
Pull up with Lil skid,cooljoe,pull up with baby phace
ka kyere Nana Ama si,won parking ne suitcase
We going on a trip,Dubai yɜ bɜdi three days
No two ways,paw

Womo si aha ayɜ den
I’m bringing loud to a quiet place
Queen Mary, wedding cake, confidential OG, when we touch base
Ka kyere omanpaninfoͻ no si Nkͻdaa no Yɜn pɜ rat race
TrApping no kͻ so on this side we winning don’t show up with a long face
Killers no gye medi bͻ me paa Meyɜ adwuma no with no trace
I’m Fast like a cheetah,other guys no movement yɜ snail pace
Global Gorilla me ne aliens trapping wͻ space
Slay all the snakes in the grass, now I’m enjoying my period of grace
Andy, kasa bɜbiara bɜeii,bͻ mpaeɜ sɜ yɜhyia face to face
K.Brobbey yɜ savage street no so lead a merry chase
Yedi bͻ opps no so,Bu womo nfi,Bu womo nan,dani
Womo mmaa bu womo nsa,Womo kon,they need a neck brace
Shoes no yɜ tight but I’m walking around in untie lace
Person know person omo over here we no Dey look Face
KingKong Nyame yɜ strange,Gorilla ͻwew maize
KingKong Nyame yɜ Nyame,bosom they worship and praise ,kͻ,kͻ
KingKong Nyame, KingKong Nyame

KingKong,Kong,Kong,KingKong Nyame
Kwaku improve ni standards,that’s the key Phrase
KDMC yɜ different,boy Dey mad,he Dey craze
Boys no trapping, Frassing,yɜgyena nfikyire we Dey blaze
Yɜ twe hashsish,yɜ twe cigar,Kingsize,ɜtwe haze
OMG,Oh My God,Oh My Days
Yɜ ne Adum nsuoasi girls TrApping six to six
Yabusimu wͻ asafo,yɜfa amakom kͻ gye sales
G mail anaa yahoo,trapping ma login Checking me mails

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Release Year : 2022

Album : Road To The Jungle (Album)

Added By : Farida





Kwaku DMC is an artist from Ghana. ...