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Finyo Lyrics

Hello to the mother of a cruel child
 Let me tell you if you want to see tears
 Of an abusive child
 You'll have to add peppers for the beer otherwise
 Not so members we don't think we don't
 And grandchildren are cannabis
 And it has a bad smell
 It annoys neighbors
 But no matter what it is
 Let them move one by one
 Ka has negative effects
 They just have a bombom-bustia for the corner
 Mi I have squads for chrome
 And the conmen and the fat
 They have diplomas to open Grogon and Corolla
 The boredom is good
 There is no talent for turning the game Sodom and Gomorrah
 Pull the trouser over and let us show us the butt
 Pull that mini down you humiliate your mother
 By the way you know how to cook cook porridge
 Not to photograph naked
 Unfollow search follow your footsteps
 If you want meat that's like a chief
 This butchery we call never blunder
 And beefs are ready to roast
 Bonga shit is slipped on a towel
 Bedcover or handkerchiefs
 If your God is money then you're poor to me
 I have a feeling you're not who you pretend to be on IG
 From nursery I've been a winner
 Don't put gasoline on me
 And yet you haven't put out the fire
 Nakam and Finyo
 People remain Finyo
 It was just Finyo
 So I see myself Finyo
 And we have Finyo
 We still have very Finyo
 You ready for the world is ready for you
 You waiting for your girl is waiting for you
 I thought your type was like bachelors
 I'm not sure if it's true
 G ben is the carpenter
 I feel ka ni true ah-ah-ah
 It's reasoning is not glowing
 Ignorance is not a denial
 Sacrifice is making it for the family is not a shark
 Greatness is about legacy not a shark
 I can't kill on thao crab for me thao is not a spoon
 My apartment in Amsterdam
 Certified rastaman
 Aki sometime nahang
 I feel like I'm Saddam
 I feel like I'm the best
 Nikumake man touched Zii
 Make you happy Zii
 Mi are merciless
 I'm ill and will persecute you until you accept the case
 I will not impress you with the skill I adore
 If you demand that we en

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Release Year : 2018

Album : Finyo (Single)

Added By : Huntyr Kelx





Nyamari Ongegu aka Nyashinski ( Born on 8th April 19' )  is a Kenyan musician and rapper ba ...