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How Did You Get Here


How Did You Get Here Lyrics

How did you get
How did you get get
How did you get
How did you get here?

How did you get
How did you get get
How did you get
How did you get here?

How the hell did I get here?
Sometimes I sit and I wonder
I'm the version of me I always imagined when I was younger
All the doubt I had thrown at me
All the time I invested
I sit and read my old lyric books like, "Damn! It must've been destined"
Stuck to it, I improvised my way here, no rules
Back when it was serious, handing mixtapes out in my school
All I had was my brain and my hunger, had to use that as tools
Amount of people that told me "no" and I turned that into my fuel
Slacking in my school work, didn't care much
Sisters are getting on to me
But trust me, this music ting is my prophecy
I didn't need to convince them 'cause they saw it all from just watching me
Now I got them on side, confidence rises, there ain't no stopping me
I'm unstoppable
Got a strong head on my shoulders and being good-hearted don't cost at all
Times I thought I had lost it all
When I didn't even have shit to my name
Studio runs on foot, trekking through the rain
Made me into what I became
All I wanted to be around was like-minded people on the same page
And I found that in space age
Back then we never made a penny, but it didn't matter to us
Because our soul was nourished
Shooting music videos in Chucks' garden with no budget
Came up with some real ones
All the talent we had to harvest
We didn't always see eye to eye, but they always had my back regardless
That was a pivotal time
Breaks my heart it didn't work, but we tried
Still I never aborted the mission
All that I've taken is all God has given
When Tola's speaking to me, then I listen
Told to follow my own intuition
Go at the pace I set for myself
I don't need drums to follow the rhythm
Couldn't have planned this, it was just written
Many dreams I'm sitting on
I'm made up of the same stars that I wish upon
Times I thought my prayers weren't getting answered
But boy was I wrong
All it took is me knowing I'm meant to be here
It's where I belong
It's where I belong, yeah

And sometimes I forget
But I have to think back and remind myself of the journey
It's been a beautiful one

Sometimes I sit and I wonder
I'm the version of me I always imagined when I was younger
All albums I studied
Learning 'bout flow and cadence
I sit and listen to my old shit like, "Damn! All it took was patience"
Story over the glory
Other paths that weren't for me
Wasn't much of an academic or road-invested or sporty
Made the most with all I blessed with, of the tools in my inventory
Things the teachers don't teach you
And now the student might lead you
If you wanna leave the class, then you're free to
Everything here's subjective
If you stand where we're standing, you might understand the perspective
How the hell did you get far?
You ain't get no head start
All decisions we made was based on our circumstance
We hoped to surpass
It took most of our lifetime to wake up
Smell the roses, realise that the world is ours
Us and them, but we worlds apart

Nothing in life comes easy
And you work twice as hard 'cause you black
Used to think mum exaggerated
Till the world showed me it's fact
Still, it's mine for the taking
Lock the doors and we break in
Still got love for them non-believers
Yeah, the ones that said we won't make it
Everything you want is out there waiting for you to take it
The key is to have faith in your dreams and never stop chasing
And you'll make it, trust

All it was was perseverance
Pushing, never giving up
They built them walls so high up and we tore 'em down
They told us no
We said yes
It's okay

Some get it, some don't
(I didn't take you long to get here)
But we keep pushing on
(How did you believe you would get here?)
And in times of doubt
(You didn't sell your soul, but you held on)

(It didn't take you long to get here) And here we are
It's the story of never ending
It's been a long road
Feel good, don't it?
(I didn't take you long to get here) Tell your kids to play this
(How did you believe you would get here?)

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Release Year : 2021

Album : Sometimes I Might Be Introvert (Album)

Copyright : (c) 2021

Added By : Huntyr Kelx





Simbiatu 'Simbi' Abisola Abiola Ajikawo  (born 23 February 1994),, better known by ...