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Two Worlds Apart


Two Worlds Apart Lyrics

Lady, lady, lady, lady, lady, lady, lady
Know you see the confidence, believe me, I am wavy
I need something deeper, money does not stimulate me
Whether you got mansions or got diamonds in your AP

Drama, drama, drama, drama, drama, drama, drama
Please don't tell my mama I've been smoking marijuana
Talk piña coladas, getting loose in the Bahamas
(Oh but you love me still)
Look at me now, I've got a bitch, her name is Karma

I was moving wild, but now I'm calmer
We was on the front line listening to Kendrick Lamar
Still the same, now we just blow that yaya on the charters
Twenty-fours to Aussie just to hang with some koalas

Living in the present, still my future looking sweet
Jodeci and cherry wine, sipping on that Arrow's Creek
Please let go of all your troubles whenever you're here with me and
(Oh, you be free, no, no)

Patience, patience, patience, patience, patience
London-born estate girl to international sensation
Cutting through your settings, do not need an invitation
Basking in this feeling, if I must say, it's amazing, I'm amazing
(Yeah, our two worlds en-
Our two worlds en-
Our two worlds en-
Our two worlds en-)
Apart, two worlds apart

Boujee, boujee, boujee, boujee, boujee
You made her your everything, but she was just a groupie
I got higher standards, don't waste time tryna pursue me
You would trade intellect for an artificial booty
That's goofy

Tanisha held you down, but you want Lucy
Now she kicking up a fuss like Bruce Lee
Okay, if you love me, baby, why d'you want to lose me?
You use me, confuse me, accuse me
It's truly a movie

Covered with silver linings
It took time just to learn about timing
I got lost in it
You got lost in it
You clocked out
Meanwhile I stayed bossing it
What it cost to be this damn hot with it
Who knew love would be so damn toxic?
I'm intoxicated, exhilarated
Finally moved on, how devastating for you
Got my groove on, meditating too
Creating, making innovative moves
Listen up, honey! Never had a penny
Now I'm on artist-slash-actor money, yeah

(Oh but you love me still and I love you) Oh I do
(And I love you) Oh I do
(And I love you) Oh I do
(And I love you) I do
(And I love you) Love you
(And I love you)

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Release Year : 2021

Album : Sometimes I Might Be Introvert (Album)

Copyright : (c) 2021

Added By : Huntyr Kelx





Simbiatu 'Simbi' Abisola Abiola Ajikawo  (born 23 February 1994),, better known by ...