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Ice stacks


Ice stacks Lyrics

[VERSE 1: Kash pleen]
Am on a good track,tryn to get all that
People keep talking to me, like where the girl at
Looking at me I got ice on my wrist now
Livin my dream so you better get yo ass up
Ice stacks, Ice stacks, you can even see stars
Got yo gun out, nigga tell me why you pissed off
Am a Cadillac, ice, ice, we gon take shots
Dash Jay with me, he a beast, hit a clean shot
Gliss on my watch, nah nigga I ain't paid off
No flaws bitch my diamonds need to cool off
Ice so strong, titanic couldn't come off
Am the top dawg and bitch you my new bone
Got a phone call saying nigga am your boss
Bloodline nigga my legacy will leave on
I live gucci, but I also love Vuitton
Stack em ice stacks like a nigga bout to move out
Pull up to the club, man, i stink like mullah
Straight outta ice, shuajo in this collab
Diamonds are all African am about to show off
Virtual Reality, Dusk upon nightfall
Ice on my neck, ice on my new Iphone
Hit a bitch so hard, make that bitch go home
Rollin up my fist yea looking like a snow cone
I ain't got no feelings my heart's made of Ice stone

[CHORUS: Kash pleen]
Ice stacks (ice),Ice stacks (ice)
Ice stacks (ice),Ice stacks (ice)
Ice stacks, Ice stacks, Ice stacks

[VERSE 2: Shuajo Blake]
Didn't get a shout out, come last minute
Fuck with all these labels am an independent
Santa's slay broke so fast you gotta mend it
The beards man middle finger was the only present
You fucking bout my presence
Am shitting out depression, i never learnt my lesson
Am always on offensive get the bigger picture
Go and play the ratchet
Follow my advice and u gon get the market
Big up Dash Jay making moves EA
Me and homeboys playing FIFA EA
Ice stacks rock, know you wanna replay
Ice stacks rock, baby come my way
Ring Ding Dong, make a dope hit song
Hit so fast be my momma's ringtone
Hope big sis and her kids live long
Get more famous go to pray in hillsong (what)!!

[OUTRO kash pleen & Shuajo Blake:]
Ice, Modern Butterfly (Ice)
Ice stacks (ice),Ice stacks (ice)
Kash pleen
Shuajo (Ice)


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Release Year : 2019

Album : Ice Stacks (Single)

Added By : Pure water





Kash Pleen is an artist from Kenya. ...