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Feel Me


Feel Me Lyrics

For Real
(Washaa produced this song)
Mwape wepa Dayles

I come from the centre from the middle Ndobva Gweru
Kana ukatidenha tokupa middle finger hedu
Mwape wepa Daylesford Ice Quenchy
Im the plug Im the realest Shutout G town my Own City
I told em niggas I be back coz Im really willing
I told em niggaz watch your bae coz I'm really willing
You catching feelings I heard you own a gas station
You catching feelings I won't stop till you feel me

I say I I need you to feel this beat
Nigga I I need you to feeeeeel
Just open your mind

Pasina profit pane loss But pane loss pane profit
I know its kinda confusing Coz pane fusion
Ndakatopfeka hoodie Nda ready for the mission
Ndakumatosunga bhutsu Nda ready for the weekend
It’s more like walking in the dark walking in the ocean
When you spend de money Ita maplans ane caution
On a new day light it up wangu zora lotion
Work so hard on day till you get your portion
I've been up I've been down Deeep down in the ditch
Now Wen I be going down I'm going down on ma kneens
Haleluyaaaa I thank God it’s a new dawn Haleluyaaaa
Please God wash away my sins Need mari iri clean
Need none ndoda win Beamer or Big Badge Exshaust iri clean
Sweve it left right Sweeve it Sweeve First mine
Sweeve one more time Miss please on ma right
I be asking mama will I make it if it’s still the same
I Asked Granny did you grow up in the same way
Hatred more pain Broke Ass Corrupted minds
It’s more like I be paying the price

I say I I need you to feel this beat
Nigga I I need you to feeeeeel
Just open your mind I need you to feel
Feeeeeel meeeeee Feeeeeel meeeeee
Feeeeeéeeeel mee (For Real) Feel me

So tell me how we gonna make the world a better place kana
MaFattah nema sisters vaine vana muma streets Muma Orphanage
Vachichengeta vana vavo Mari yeOffering
Vachivaka dzimba dzavo All the churces now profiting
Ey doing profit and and loss Havadi maCosts
Ey Know opportunity cost Vanotoshandisa force
Vanopinda pose Vanorova Macots Vachitopisa matoast
Kuti tinosvika here? I doubt Kudenga kure
Kuti tichamhanya here? I doubt Tiri mumambure
Lindie akamitiswaa Simba akatizisa
Hameno kana vakazivisa Baba namai havatonzwisisane
Angori mafights Muma closed doors Nigga I be real For real
Mwape wepa Dayles
Ice Quenchy

Unoziva kuti ngoma iri kaakaa
(Washaa Produced this song)

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Release Year : 2022

Album : Feel Me (Single)

Added By : Simbarashe Mwape





Ice Quenchy is a zimbabwean rapper ...