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Broken Lyrics

We should have known (Have known)
We should have known (Have known)
Say I gat way too many burdens
On mi shoulders
You weigh me down 
With all your thoughts 
I'm getting older

Thought I was the one
Who always wasn't giving all
We only started walking
Never showed me how to crawl
Maybe I was so fast 
Maybe you just dumb
Maybe you were right
And all this while I did you wrong
Maybe cause you cheated 
Girl you know you stoop so low

But you no fit to blame me
Tell me wetin man go
Do do do do 
Farabale omoge oya wait
Anytime may me wan go
You tel me mafimisile
Say for your matter me don't tire
But to leave you me dey fear
Today na you dey beg
Tomorrow na you still go vex

Oh God I think I've had enough
Maybe I should stay
Maybe I tell you we done
Girl you got me falling
I don't know where I belong
Tryna do you right 
But all you always see is wrong
Wrong, you got me going

Aiye yowe joyobe, joyobe joyo
Aiye yowe joyobe, joyobe joyo
Aiye yowe joyobe, joyobe joyo
Aiye yowe joyobe, joyobe 

Why you do me like that
Why you do like this
Girl you brought me  trouble
Took away my peace 
What be this 

Nowadays am no longer at ease
You dey do me some things
Wey wan bring me to my knees
Oh no no no no I have been a fool
To choose too, be with some
Someone like you

Any small thing wey I dey do
Na e just dey remind me about you

What happened to us
What happened to trust
Gave you my heart but then you turned it to dust
Thought I knew you but I cried a few
Mi left the dark just to be with you
Ayaga yaga yeah yeah yo yo ye, yo
Say me no dey do wayo aah

Girl me say I think about you
Baby you be the girl me wan know
Pretty and dope fine pass darego
I just wanna let you know

Let me say I think about you
Girl you the one me wan do
Pretty and fine like Anna banner
I just want fi let you know
Yeah yeah yeah
Jo Joe, Joe Boy pon deck

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Release Year : 2022

Album : Broken (Single)

Copyright : (c) 2021

Added By : Huntyr Kelx





Gabbytane is an artist from Nigeria. ...