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I'd Be Waiting


I'd Be Waiting Lyrics

Eyes on the boy when i step in
I’m tested
All my life I been wreck less
If I got this morning early
I’d prolly waste it on VVS
Work like I’m independent
Never leave a track for pending
Still acting like I’m broke n in the trenches
It’s part of me so pardon me
If I don’t buy too many Hennessey
Don’t stare at me, I just got rich and I ain’t used it
I’m stacking up mills so that I don’t lose through it
I’m checking the bills against the new music
I’m checking the cheque against the flex
Checking out all the new groupies
My bro ckay told me you gatta guage all the energies
I don’t agree but he’s probably right
I mean it kinda look like he blew overnight
So maybe I’m fucking girls that be slowing my shine
But it’s calm, I’m still moving at a good page
Boutta drop money for my own place
Fast life, I make a mili on a slow day
But I ain’t in a dush imam get there my own way

I do this shit in my sleep
I sonned rappers
Now I’m shinning shawties
Everytime that I speak
First they hate me, then they love me
And they hate le again
I don’t care, I got money and they gon hop in my mhip
Fuck the comparison
I’m living a popstar life, man it’s embarrassing
Sold out mo park I mean I’m carrying
Cos no other rapper could do that shit, and that ain’t arrogance

3 top 10s and I did it solo
I don’t owe shit to nobody, I’m in my own zone
Step on stage with the coldest of flows
I see a rapper backstage, he know who’s closing the show
I know nigga that
Anythime they wanna drop shit
They just go on my page and look for something to copy
I ain’t even mad
At that most of them envy
Though my orib so big live in they heads rent free
That’s by the side, I made 100 million last year
That’s wild figures for rappers but then it’s calm here
Could endorsements, it’s a 100 and it’s just June
I’m too right to be asking a girl to send nudes
She know that already
Anytime I post on snapchat it’s about to be crazy
I got them tik tok baddie doing routines in my section
When I’m done with this verse, I’d probably say sum to Kelly

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Release Year : 2022

Album : Young Preacher (Album)

Added By : Farida





Blaqbonez is a rapper from Nigeria. ...