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Go Harder


Go Harder Lyrics

Less count the money
Yall niggaz ain't ready for nothing (they not)
U know $auti killed this beat (foreal)
Ok he killed the beat did u kill the barz
I don't know less hear what you got eazy
Ok le gooo
I'm going so hard i be
Chasing the cash
Flipping the cash
Count it up swear my hands getting tired
Your girl going crazy
She chasing the cash

I'm doing my shit and you know I got talent
I keep me a stick whyy the fuck would a slip
b.kiing wit me he be doing his thing
Rocking designers (uhh uhh) whyy the fuck would i need me styler
Finna get rich finna buy me a crib

Stacking the  cash it be looking like bricks
Bitch I'm to froze why the fuck would i melt
Stick wit the gang and a nigga won't change
My father is gone but I gotta be strong
Ain't trusting no hoe u know they be crazy
Stacking that cash till it touches the roof

She Fucking wit me course she knows I'll be rich
If I'm touching your bitch than you know she got luck
Dropping real barz like I'm stuck in a cell
Niggaz go hate (uhhhh )ohkk

Don't fuck wit 12 and I'm never go snitch
Mama told me watch em niggaz u around
Don't worry mama I'm keeping it tucked
Niggaz be hoes that's the reason they snitch
I'm going so hard till a nigga is rich

Thousands on me that's my money to flip
I ain't saying to much niggaz know I'm the gee
Ain't Fucking with trappers they know were i be
Stay with my day ones I'm stuck wit the gees
Take a certain type of nigga to fit in my shoes
Stick wit my brothers we chasing that bread

Trap alot when a nigga is bored (mmmm)
Same niggaz who doubted me asking for features
My bitch is so perfect she got different features
Money coming in...in so many colours
Got me looking like a nigga is racist

Niggaz go hate ( I know that)
They gossip bout me like they Bitches ( I know that)
Started from non but a nigga go elevate
Working so hard till we find a better way
Mama so proud she saw me go hard

She know I'm pushing so she ain't gotta stress
U talking bout action than nigga pull up
we go make it we ain't tryna pretend
I'm smoking that cosh man that shit got me crazy
So much money probably spend it on xannies
Niggaz can learn nigga pay your attention
Marry my bitch finna fly to miami

U know i ain't playing why the fuck would u try me
Me and my niggaz go crazy we air it out
She digging my style she fuck me clout
She giving me back and i just want the mouth
I didn't follow i made my own rout
Trap trap these  Niggaz go hate
I'm getting that bag make it triple or double
Bitch i Can't get sleep man I'm always on hustle
Finna get rich confusing the bank

He Fucking wit 12
We shooting his back
She ain't want me now she hitting my line
I pick up the phone i act like i ain't know her (Hello who's this)
Run up em digits I'm counting em comers

Im sick of these bitches it feels like corona (cough)
Jump a nigga leave him deep in a comma
Hopped in the stu i left it in smoke
My name is eazy but u know i go hard
We gotta go hard (yeah yeah) we gotta go hard)

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Release Year : 2021

Album : Go Harder (Single)

Added By : Sizwe Hlophe




South Africa