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Yo Bxby

4Gunz Lyrics

I'm not saying I'm gonna win the world you know
For God sake
I do what I love and that’s music without it I ain't complete
I gotta live me before I live others
If that gonna take me years
Then I'm gonna make it through hundreds
Because it gonna make me heal on every certain pain
That's what we gotta do
Choose what we gonna fucken fall for
Die for Man

Ooh yeah
Used to sit at' back (wasted time)
Now I'm ready 'Burning'
Fuck up on my blunt
That's a pre-ending
Nigg' gotta bury handy
I'm a Brrada o' Lord
Nigga Stop I got no Ending
atf you read ma blood that's a slip ya think I'm rending?
I'm already Gum
If you chew me I'ma fam ya Endly
I'm a farra Rod I get it how far like a bxby
I'm a Brada o' 4
Shoot me I'm a bullet gut
I'm a label o' ma Battles
Nigg' I smooth de path ya

I got Capital letter 'S' (Smurfs)
Table ladder on my Back
I'm a shadow
I stay invincible when I need I need home-opel
I Breastfeed Real fam
I don’t kneel
Real passion in me
Passion in me Yeah
I sattle down with ma real pride like I'm gwaragwara
Taken down when I needed time that's a murder fuck up
I'm one o' type I don't bleed
I just make alott' of me
You can't copy what I do unless you de blood modafucker
Unless you de Blood modafucker
You de blood modafucker
You de blood modafucker

Call on
Pussy tryna take ma rule pussin' down  (Hold on)
I got lot o' manners you ion proud of mine (Morron)
I got potion love & I rule ma hood (Bubble)
You got savage Davis & is lily loose
Attackin' with ma battle lord
Something you can't fucken em both
I got sucked & devil toasted
I rap on demon load
Ye not same oh God I roll
I don' need a fuck doll
This is me the inner is Rude ye

Gave em time
Now I'm priddy ghosting
I'm on hala lup
Where you arf?
Thou' I'm gonna give ma life throu books
I'm bout to read the world tha a next me you better know
Sticky on de wall
Like I'm spider
I'm a panda wolf
Wen you getting thoughts thro' the senses
I be on the roof
I'm the voice
Ye gonna know
Lil garuu
Taking to a Lizzry
Every buggy
Smoking reefer
Smoking reefer
Every buggy Smoking reefer
Smoking reefer

Y'all be Smurfing out
I gave you a breakfast
Thi' shiit is ya breakfast
Eat eat eat eat

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Release Year : 2023

Album : 4Gunz (Single)

Added By : Yo Bxby



Yo Bxby


Jacob mmatwi Ramolefo professionally known as Yo Bxby Born & raised last born in South Africa, Limp ...