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Winterlude Lyrics

I put the batteries in your back
So imma call you when I'm coming right back
And if you still insist
Imma pull up to the towns and I'll be there by 6
So tell me what time is valid
Cause I can't lie you a baddy
Pretty dark skin with a fatty
Send me the addy
Tell me the right time
Give me the best time
We need perfect timing oh
I realized that
We on the right track
Once you typed back
Ohh No
Uhh Say
I really want you
You know what I'm going through
I already told you
This is what we gon do
Have you speaking French when we kissing baby bonjour
Cause you turn me on and I can't wait to put it on you
Girl you so attractive
Looking like the baddest
I wanna do this all night long
I wanna do this all night long
Give me one time oya here we go
She told me baby boy keep it low
The way she riding up and down like she on a pole
Then I took her soul. Omo let me take control
Omo to nice to tu fine no mistakes yet
Omo to rewa to tu make sense
Girl I'm on my way to you with the quickness
Cause your body's so nice with the fitness
Take you with me
Round the city
Ohh don't kill me now
Don't kill me now
Oh you so pretty now
It's always litty now
When you gimme kitty now
Looking so fly like
Your badder than them by far
My sexy superstar ah ah
Let's have a day at the spa ah ah
Or we take a trip out to Panama
Don't mind em haters it's just blah
So fun gbogbo won pe kan dapada
Cause we can fly away
Very very far away
Everybody out our way
Cause it's only you I crave
And with me your safe
Who cares what the haters say
Nothing left to say
Make them dey their dey

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Release Year : 2021

Album : Winterlude (Single)

Added By : Farida





Whiteboyy is a Nigeria musician ...