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Heavy Is The Crown


Heavy Is The Crown Lyrics

They don't wanna see me winnin', know they wanna see me down
I'm might roll on competition, nigga, heavy is the crown
PTA I'm on the block, I got some hitters in my town
Take a verse and body bag it, put that shit into the ground
Niggas think it's sweet, I get paid to kill a beat
I got kill a fee, trolling niggas on your feed
Live in your head for free, nigga all you do is tweet
You know I been the heat, vegan ass niggas wanna beef
I got three different attorneys on my payroll
I bought the moti' these niggas old, these niggas play dude
No time for talking if it ain't about the paysos
Singing like I'm Drake you niggas know my pen ain't draco
Touchdown PTA I'm doin' great if I'ma say so, uh

Looking at the bread like "There he go, there he go"
Green and red on me, no Mexico
I got niggas on the clout tryna jack the flow
Bitch you know me I don't you, you just a Jane Doe
I been MIA but bitch I'm back to stay ten toes
Everyday struggle, I made it through I feel like Wayno
Coming for my head you might just be off the yayo
I just made a hundred thousand, don't wear the same clothes
My new bitch a dime and from Rio de Janeiro
Don't know who you niggas clownin', you don't want the smoke
Just say you have a son, I'll give your rap career a halo


The crown is where it belongs, I been wearin' it long
Don't need a chair at salons, cause all my hair isn't gone
Yet, they still showing there's no way that I can rub it off
I only let you put the crown on so I can cut it off
Cause everybody wants the same kingdom that the king got
Built it up with rocks and I protect it with the sling shot
Mel Gibson brave-heart is what I'm on the brink of
Cause when you bitch, I'm kinging that you think of
Young Van Riebeek, check the sample on the thumbnail
You think you cutting coroners but you leave behind a blood trail
You tried to cover up the truth which now I have to unvail
So go and tell Donald all your fuckin' duck tales
Quick pet and you'll be swimming with seafood
Going back in time to kill your ancestors, I beat roots

You only live once, it's a mistake you can't redo
Thirty mixtapes and one album, that's a preview
Still don't feel famous, middle fingers to the camera man
Balancing raps like Savannas in that piano dance
And when I'm dead and gone, I know you're gonna miss it cause
I'm the hottest rapper out, well, me and FOCALISTIC

Ygen is the emblem
Stash the dough in the bread bin
I'm getting hate from my --
Can't deny that I'm reppin' --
You KFC cause you act broke ---
Yeah I be tellin' them bad jokes, it's my comedy silly
Ugly and priddy, shutdown the city, my uncle and Vinny
Cause on that gangster committee, downright grimy and greedy
We'll smack the taste off your lips 
And tell you to spell "Mississippi", huh

Big guns, Big Hash too
It was written in the tattoo
International land --, with cheerleaders in Cancún
Catwoman in a cat suit, swept off her feet by a hand broom
Over here just where the rap coon
Sade, sweet taboo
Right on top of those sand dunes
Money grows on bamboo
Lowercase no cap broer
Y'all changing like black shoes
The new wave say I should have drowned already
But I'm Aquaman in Atlantis, and the crown is heavy


Welcome to Airies
A lot of y'all analyse from the side lines, tellin' lies to get televised
Tellin' every single soul cause you sold yours
I don't give a damn, I don't empathise
I would never call you brother then go switching sides
Sophomore in this bitch, nigga we on
It feel like my first time goin' above and beyond

Couldn't pick a favourite mistake
No regrets I'ma stay set chasin' a Parmesan
Nigga how is this the intro? I barely got it started yet
My life was on the line a couple times, still surviving that
Got people still depending on me, I can't be caught laying flat
I had to grow a pair and put a glacier where my heart was at
Fourth quarter in the last second I hit a three
Red light I stop niggas, ain't no way niggas stoppin' me
Dead right when the cheque don't come in these niggas don't check for me
Real life that's how it goes with all this hatred and jealousy, facts

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Release Year : 2021

Album : Aries (EP)

Copyright : (c) 2021

Added By : Huntyr Kelx




South Africa

The Big Hash is a musician from South Africa ...