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Pamoja Lyrics

Look at the things that I find
When I get lost in you
Look at the things that I find
When I get comfortable
Like how I'm just all in your face
Like how I'm just all in your space
You got me yea
You got me you got me
Sina mwingine kwingine
Sina mwingine I mean it
I swear, put that on everything
Ukipenda tuende safari
Ukipenda hatuendi mahali
Tuamke saa sita na kitu
Alafu na pita na vitu
Like hiyo ni yangu, Hiyo ni yangu
Uwezani na yangu, Sichezangi na yangu
Uuu.. Baby, uuu… Baby
Uhhh baby yea

Ju sisi pamoja
Ni easy pamoja
Ni tizi pamoja
Ni sisi ni easy pamoja
So easy pamoja
Sisi pamoja
Ni easy pamoja
Ni tizi pamoja
Ni sisi ni easy
So easy baby..yeah

I can't put a price on it if I wanted
She my better half to keep it hundred
I finally found the one man she done it (found the one)
She ain't no slay queen she just stunning
She never quit on me when I act different
She always pull me close
Like close the distance
We could make special feel special
I knew it from the first day
I met you Like Hi (Haaa)
I didn't know what to say
But I had to give it one more try (try)
Saw you twice a day
And I came back one more time (time)
Acting all hood but I'm good
But I hate goodbyes, I hate goodbyes
Hate goodbyes

Now baby
Ushajua nakupenda yaani
And I know you already heard this song but
I got one more surprise for you
Najua hujaskia hii part inakam so
This is for you

I can't even find the words (Haaa)
Ooo I know you hate it when you wake up
Cuz you gotta go to work (try)
We kick every Sunday mama mad
Cuz we never go to church (Haaa)
Even when you mad when you hurt
If you leave it make it worse (Haaa)
So yea we gotta make it work yea
Sijali kama wanajipa, She's a keeper
Baby penzi umenipa, Kitu deeper
Ata bae hapendi cheaper, Nitalipa
Kila usiku ukifika Naanza kushukisha zippe
Mamasita, You my sweetheart
Nawacha kuwa cheater, Yako sweeter  
Nagonga kama vita Heavy hitter
Mara ngapi mamasita
Ukipenda mara sita, yea

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Release Year : 2022

Album : Vikky Secrets (Album)

Added By : Farida





Steph Kapela is an artist from Kenya. ...