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Appy Lyrics

International vibes, go!
Sheye Banks with my man Chillz
M.I., FalzTheBahdGuy (So much excitement)

Am Appy, am Appy (I’m happy I’m what?)
They pay me salary
I call my guys we enter the party
(Where my party people at)

Am Appy, am Appy (Hey)
They pay me salary (Are you ready now?)
I call my guys
(Falzthebahdguy in the building by the way)
We enter the party (Bad Guy)

Am Appy, am Appy
Prepare for plenty of faaji
We are heading the clubhouse
Me and guy we marching like army (Yup)
Many many girls with zero home 
Training up in this party (Up in the party)
I’m looking for Rita
I hope she’s ready to marry, marry

Am Appy am Appy
They just pay me plenty salary
I’m looking to tear the new Mercedes 
Directly from Germany (Tear rubber)
I know say I ask you 
Whether I resemble your daddy (Am I your daddy?)
But tonight is different
I will buy whatever you carry, carry
Am Appy am Appy! (I’m feeling so good tonight)
They pay me salary (You gotta love it right now)
I call my guys
We enter the party (C’mon c’mon!)

Am Appy, am Appy (I’m happy I’m what?)
They pay me salary (How you feeling right now?)
I call my guys (Absolutely love it!)
We enter the party (M.I.)

Am Appy am Appy
First let me thank my mommy and daddy
I for no make am without my family
Now look at me they pay me salary (Oh gosh)
To Nike minaji
I be wan love, you tell me to fashi but
If you see how I’m cashing
Canvas is flashy, give them Versace (Go! Go!)

We enter for club
I place order the waiter is jogging
Dj please off that beat
Can you not see that I’m talking?
Hello! All the girls they call me big papi
Shutting down the club to 3:30
So that all the girls do we ask me
What’s the occasion?

Am Appy am Appy! (Ohhh yeah)
They pay me salary (I really love this one)
I call my guys (Awon bad guys, where you at?)
We enter the party (Bad guys)

Am Appy, am Appy (Everybody let’s go)
They pay me salary (How you feeling right now?)
I call my guys (Don’t dull!)
We enter the party (3, 2, 1)

Am Appy am Appy
I’m feeling so good right now
Sheye Banks the Vybe King
Chillz, Falzthebahdguy, M.I. Abaga
Statement of account, we out!

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Release Year : 2021

Album : Appy (Single)

Copyright : (c) 2021

Added By : Huntyr Kelx





Sheye Banks is an artist from Nigeria. ...