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Google Me FreeStyle


Google Me FreeStyle Lyrics

Quite frankly
I don’t give a f*** if you ain’t heard of me
I pull up on the scene and bag the money like groceries
Alarm Ringing Snooze it
I hope they Don’t sleep on
F*** counting sheep
I rather count money frequently

PusherBeats No Deficit.
All my money Paid in Full like nigga Money Mich
And We plan to run this sh*t
Way longer than church street.
We ain’t bout that quick fix
This blood sweat & tears sh*t
Fruits of the hardships
Paybacks and profits
Investing in relationships
Times spent wizely
Thinking like a grown up.
Pear Pressure Fool Proof
No time to show off
Even though I own chains

Even though a nigga on radio
Niggas still gone try act like you aint visible
Like they aint heard o you
Like you aint relevant
Like you aint got the skill
Real recognize real real nigga that just how it is.
You might fool the people sometimes
But that’s not a case
Eventually everbody gone be catching up level up or shut the f*** up
Match yo pockets where you mouth double up or get the f*** out

This s*** aint a game
If don’t get what Im saying
You should get the know the name
P U S H E with the R
Been hustling since was a young lad getting gwap

(PusherBeats.com )

I been getting paid since a nigga can remember
I Stays with that money round the corner like
Summer in October
If the streets get hot
Put on your 33 flops
If The Streets get cold
Put on my 33 loafers
Go ahead turn up
Front line stay sober
How you gone get to me
With out getting through them
Cause everyone of my niggaz
Gone ride for clique
All that passion in our vein
Make it hard for us to quick.
I suggest that you take second
Better yet take a minute
It would be pitty
You people missing what im saying
Im just saying…
A brother to sincer to be playing
If I say we gone win
Best believe we gone win
I say what I mean
and i mean what i say
If don’t mean if we do the same thing
we all the same

Don’t compare me to lame
Put in work till the grave
Till the day a nigga lay
Six feet in the sand
They gone mention his name
With the Biggies of the game
The Tupacs of today
Man The vision never changes
Trilll Niggaz still alive
Squad deep when we arrive
Might not see my type around
Yet theres too many to count

Fake niggaz not aloud
Break bread when theres gwala
Greedy niggaz not aloud
I remain my brothers keeper
Sacrificial lamb
Such a selfless man
Never switching stay the same
Even when they do him in

Still riding for the dream
still Riding for my team
Stilll riding for the haters
Still the day I D.I.E
Don’t forget the dot com
When you google me!


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Release Year : 2020

Album : GoogleMe Freestyle (Album)

Copyright : (c) 2020 LiT City Entertainment

Added By : Team LiTsa




South Africa

PusherBeats is a musician , producer, and  Radio personnality from  South Africa. His debu ...