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Cover Bamba La Paix


Cover Bamba La Paix Lyrics

Between the earth and the sky
Where things are born and die
Where your believe can determine your struggle
Your words are so great
I write for you Bamba
You’re the one that the world dreams to have
To suffer for you Bamba
To fight for you everyday
To believe and go to the light in this darkest way
If there’s here baye fall and love and love Cheikh Ibra Fall
Meissa Bigué Coumba fall show us the way

Exceptional Ibra Fall
You’re the phenomenal
Love you for all nobody’s like you
With you we never fall
Ibrahima fall Lam yazeul
Baye lamp ngueunel bi Bamba tale yaram bi nane fall
You’re the one that Bamba show the way
You’re the starlight
Will be your followers
And it’s for everyday
In pain and in joy
We believe on you
Dabay mame seynabou ndiaye mo wané yone wii

Baye fall moy lou doyouk war
Moy toud tourou yalla gui
Bamouy khoti diawou dji di yeungal arass ak koursiyou
Le baye fall est obéissant
Il est généreux et bien veillant
Le véritable baye fall a pour demeure al Janah firdawsi
Prenons exemple sur cheikh Modou kara
Et baye Karimal akhla
Ils appellent au pacifisme
Faisons attention à nos actions
Alors à tout baye fall qui prenne  exemple sur cheikh Ibra fall
Soit là pour ton prochain calme et obéissant

Alhamdoulilah Cheikh Bamba
Nous a sauvé face aux tortures des colons
Ces piliers salvateurs
Pour nous ça tient toujours
Le glorifier aujourd’hui incombe au monde entier
À Ndar il pria deux Rakats
Nous épargnant de la souffrance
Hors mi Serigne touba tout le monde avait cédé
Soldarsak tribunal kerok nieup kheuy kaniou nane
Borom ndar taxaw di kou yallah di diaye

Bamba bayna, goop, diakna, raab n'a ay sak,
Same, bodjie, wale na, mogne n'a ganaw aa dou sak
Meune n'a, dieuf nako AK ham ham
Mouride na nga degg
Ragnel lou bah té lou bone boulassi ken degg
Beuss gua hol bi dioh Bamba kone teudal nelawal
Harangal nel hararang, wah la diou âme sew sew
Wa salamoune Halamani, tabahal houdal lawa
Mimm Rew bamba ko mom, moy Kiko mom

And if I was a city Thierno’d be the road
Advance towards him and yours sins cancel
He is the first and the last spiritually
God has so decided him the all-powerful

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Release Year : 2019

Album : Cover Bamba La Paix (Single)

Added By : Tamsir Diouf