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Blood And Tears


Blood And Tears Lyrics

You gotta work hard
No food for lazy man
You gotta stay up steady working on a plan

Mi i smoking my ice
Rooling my dice/ life is a gamble
Mi i taking a chance
I don’t give a fuck i don’t give a fuck
Push me to the wall. I be force to pull a gun
Gun gun powder bullet steady dey fly
The government be vampire na the youth dema kpai
News television some pastor. Demma lying
Farmers slaughtered the blood of innocent are crying
We go kpai for this matter. Revolution be calling
News television judges jumping off the topic
Everyone is silent them ah scared of talking
Suffering and smiling dem leaders demma choping
Down on my knees say a prayer with my rosely
I'm not holy!!! Jejely i no want wahala
I no want palava. Me watching my back closely
I'm done crying i'm wiping off my tears
Coming out these shadows see i'm facing all my fears
Wish i can get back all my wasted years
The system is a scam they playing us like chess
Greedy bastards. Want to see the youths turn beggars cheers
We getting better. Play your chess we playing checkers
Who dey check am nobod
Badda man sef go deck am
The discussion go be later if it's not about the cheddar

Nobody cares na why i no da settle for less
Another man problem me no fit put for head
Nobody give a fuck about your grind ooo
Work and pray to god dem go see you shine ooo
Me i da para oooh matter just da make me just da rara ooo
Bring the palm wine i want to manya ooo
I no fit to kill myself bring nsala ooo
With blood sweat i made it pull up in mercedis
She ah want e doggy so me bite her like a rabies
My flow cold like a winter
I live rappers outside shaking young fella kuti
I’m a legend in the making

I’m the man of people’s am vast with my ego
See the future with a bird eye view sight of an eagle
My punch is lethal i never see dem equal
My word is like a license gun killing dem is legal

You gotta work hard
No food for lazy man
You gotta stay up
Steady working on a plan
Dream chasing on a week day
Party hard on the weekend
Mind your word and what you preaching
Tell the truth wen you teaching
Never forget where you came from
Blame nobody for your failure
Live your life i no deprive you
I gat my life you gat your life too

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Release Year : 2022

Album : Blood And Tears (Single)

Added By : Nazel





Nazel is a musician from Nigeria ...