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XXV Lyrics

Woke 25
Broke 25
Turn it up 25

Dey Your Dey make I dey my dey
I Miss the backshots but I don’t miss the pain
I been losing my cool
Cos this loves faded away
Just want get loose tonight
get loose tonight, get loose tonight
Get gwap tonight

25 25
Champagne flute in the air 25
rose gold balloon supersize 25
Pull up on my girl skrr skrr 25
Sip bad bitch juice  hop on a flight
This that dont take shit boom 25
Roll it up and smoke up it up
feeling 25
Uh yeah
I’m feeling 25

aint coming home grown 25
spiritual not religious woke 25
On my way to number one
Thats blown 25
I am the universe
Yes yes I’m divine

Yeah yeah
I’m a gold mine
Stamina queen Amina
Warrior mind
we could go all night yuh
BUSS UP me spine
Pressure when you push inna
Lick up da wine
baby just go head
Say you want me
Don’t you know I want you too
You know I’m feeling you
oshey shey you go dey for me
yeah i’ll Make it worth it
Heart in hand i dey for you
Ah yeah

Uh yeah, Uh yeah, Uh yeah I’m feeling 25
Uhn yeah, Uhn yeah, Uhn yeah I’m feeling 25
Uhn yeah, Uhn yeah, Uhn yeah I’m feeling 25

Lagos inferno
The country is up in flames
say we just don’t know
Prices high and the pay is low ohh no
School fees high
And employment low you know
Its an inferno

They don’t really care about us
All their children flossing they be living in abroad
Now you want make I collect 40k just to show say i be poster child for hard  work
nah I’ll just build my dream
so I really can go do something
Cos I don tire for politicians
And dem dem preachers

Y’all don’t really care about we
So what we gonn do?
What we gonna tell our kids
What’s our story

Lost touch with some friends
Yeah I miss em sometimes
Lost some friends yeah
And I really don’t mind
We are not the same oh Nah
We don’t fight the same fight
(25 , 25)

Champagne all in my chest
Mimosa colored dress
Yuh Jiggy with the Flex
check out the Creps
gyal ah barbarian like Conan
Oh nahhh

Huh yeah, huh yeah, Huh yeah, huh yeah
Huh yeah, huh yeah
Huh yeah, huh yeah


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Release Year : 2021

Album : XXV (Single)

Added By : Afrika Lyrics





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