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Hustler Lyrics

I got the passion I'm savage I'm restless.
I conquer this I conquer that I got sesame.
I kick a lot I gig a lot did you get that.
We hustle harder like warrio I'm talking about my dad.
Running through the veins look at me kinda the best.
Hater better hate I bring plate on the desk.
Hater better hate I chase fame and the cent.
You sell me beats nigga better  f**k f**k your fats.
Ain't beef ain't war nigga I'm stating the facts.
I school the Haters class and session course is scares.
I got inner peace.
Taking sleeping pills.
Dream about my work.
Dream about my swagg.
Dream about my sweat.
Take sack and pack. 
I hate wet dreams. 
Running through my hater. 
Push do and tap. 
I got the fuckng in. 
Unless you got the stash. 
I got it through my sweat
Treat me like I'm dum
Don't know I'm tonzy
Hater hustle hater

Verse 2
Hustler hustler
Um a hustler 
Ain't a Rasta
Get off my back 
Get off my chest
Stop with the anger
Ain't your puppet
Throw a dice
Have a bite
Call me Ray but not Trillz
I fight through the pain
There's a lot to gain
Again and again
Watch the code
That's how I dress
Catch the link
To all these hustlers um a threat
My body just got a VAT
That's a value added tax
I hustle then I bang
I woke up then I conquer
Had to wake up from my dreams 
I had to hustle hard
Putting my all just to make the fam proud
Man it's never easy
Had to face some challenges through a different face
Strange faces cheering up
About to reach the mountain top
I can see the view
I was told many are called
I hustle with my day one's
I grind with my soul out


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Release Year : 2020

Album : Hustler (Single)

Added By : Junior




South Africa