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Banga Lyrics

Kambaboy over here. Yeah
Salamander. Yeah
Saint p with that beat. Oya
Ah mi say killem with the banga. Yeah
Hii beat inanibamba. Yeah
Ah mi say killem with the banga. Whoa
Hii beat inanibamba. Yeah
Ah mi say killem with it

Ok it’s quarantine season I’m tryna Isolate
So Saint P gave me a beat I wanna violate
Passion with percussions piano and some violin
Im about to make a movie Mbithi is a Michael bay
Allahu Akbar we will survive this covid
Ka ni pesa au biashara tafathali please call me
Tryna get Hov money before death befalls me
I wanna be the king before Demise dethrones me
If you can’t beat them don’t join them it’s a scam
Buda Piga simu ita mbogi pull up with the gang
Stingy moda soka I can never give a damn
Me I only chase my alcohol and money in the bank

Kamba boy nduuka Ninyuusaa vaangi
Me a stallion but I be working like a Donkey
Aire bob Marley I be puffin something skunky
I told you i am Ceaser nyi bado mnanyonga monkey
It’s never serious I’m having fan like an AC
Rap is not my wife is even better it’s my bestie
I be making bread supa loaf nani tasty
Me ni Index one i wonder why you tryna Test me
I came I saw matter of fact I’ll be right back
Tryna back bite me moda soka I will bite back
Not a TV series when I say that I will Strike back
Kipchoge vision tell me that I am on the right track. Yeah

Negative with Corona positive with life
I have a dream Foi Wambui could become my wife
She heard my music and she told me she feeling my vibe
Ni ndoto tu huwezi jua inaza come alive
Back to reality mbithgram follow me
I’m not even the leader but they busy tryna follow me
Mama mbithi praying so the blessings always fall on me
I told her when she needs anything she can
Call on me

Kau ni ka mwana kaseo yeah that’s a good son
I am from Kangundo I love home I write good songs
First body kamba bars fit and I feel strong
Coming for your city at the top like the King Kong
Supa Kamba musyi mambitaa isele
Kulya andu ndwiisi mambitaa isele
And if you really buying then I’m really selling
Always bout the Business buda wacha your feelings

When I set off I am really something bad and boujie
We are not the same we ni nyasi me ni mbuzi
You donno if you realy wonder like whose this
Rap Ken wa maria Rap fela kuti
Nawa mikono oya sanities
Avoid close Contact alafu vaa mask
Fuata masharti if you wanna stay alive
Keep faith stay safe and then together we’ll survive

Oya do your thing fam,seek no validation
It’s all love and Positive vibrations
Saint P on that beat

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Release Year : 2020

Album : Banga

Added By : Farida





MBITHI  is a recording artist from Kenya. ...