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The Holocaust


The Holocaust Lyrics

Yeah I told you shut the 'F' up
Grown man like you should never be chasing this clouts
This is what happens when a country let you fill up a stadium
Without checking if you filled your head up

Corona is here go ahead catch it
Only way you could be sicker than me dummy
I'm the type of lyricist you diss and don't go free
I've been given a damn way before Kendrick

First of all I'll tell you that your songs sound weird
You need mixing but ladies like you prefer mixed feelings
One leg in Sierra Leone and one leg in Cameroon 
Your kings out of my foot this is royal ass kicking

Y'all still chasing Sark claiming you got balls
But trying to play another man for the African cup
Let me tell you whats up, this cutlass was made for Jovi
But it can slaughter Denero as well since he is a cow! (Kao)

What kind of artiste puts up a show gets sponsorship
Spends all the cash before the show day sink the sponsorship
After the show your fraud ass couldn't pay for show speakers
And you tryna be Africa's rap speaker?

Kao sit down please 2016 got yourself arrested
Only time you had bars G, you should've stayed behind it
I'm a -rapping like you burst a nut in a beat
That's the womb so the end result is childish

I got the screenshots you're grown and a funny man
Dissing me on Twitter and denying it on Instagram
But I understand the pain when you're fully grown
But your social media numbers are too young to be dissing huh

Promises that you're used to sweet life
When you know you living bitter
Over 20 years you've been trying to claim you're sick
And it's clear LAJ is doing better

Oh Sierra Leone I'll be a better president, I'm serious
How are diamonfs underground and cow (Kao) is famous?
I just detected a dust in your industry 
Main reason why I'm taking you all to the cleaners

Your head too small for the crown please
Your disgrace is the only thing huge enough 
For you to sit on
Your ass too far for the throne biatch

I bite these lines and bite the dust where from your dentist
They should never grant you interviews on any station
You've been on every tele but never told a vision (Television)
You've been a prophet preaching war 
All your verses full of hate and all they tell
Is yeah still love is the one vision

You talk shit to greatness on the web cos you type blindly
But before the internet please log into your eye sight(Site)
Child-- but before you leave, take money in haste (Heist)
I know you broke but it woun't be expensive to buy bars

You know bars you ride bicycle you can't --it
Your artwork looking like a funeral poster
You wanna know how a d-- like you get a--
Is because your mouth is like your trousers but you can't zip it

I'm a lyricist with integrity I start ignition cow (Kao)
Listen next time before you come at me add a mission
I'm not from Freetown I can't give you free lessons
Your parent's would have to come see me for your admission

And when I take shot at you I put you in a better picture
So when you pist the shit give me the photo credit
This how we know that you greedy acting hungry
When everyone sees your pot belly

Hello granny a mic (Mike) is not a walking stick
Don't press ut to the ground just to help you on your feet
If I were someone why would I wanna appear in your vid
The dead and the living has nothing in common scene

Old man start a familuy everything would be alright'
Yeah we know you wanted to take music as your wife
But after 20 years of rapping like a thug
You didn't make enough money to go and pay her bride price

2019 you promised to quit music but couldn't keep the promise
You can oly keep lying
If these are the lines you come up with from brainstorming
Then please Mr. Cow (Kao) promise you will quit thinking

I could have kept it simple but I understand thay you 
A decorated monkey so here's some decorated banana
I can't give these animals names I'm not Adam
You can't cut me with blades cos I'm not a tree
I'm a poetry  you niggas under me who's taking the shades

I know the war did a lot to your memory
But remember you're not a G, you're a refugee
Oh wait I'sn't this man from Freetown?
You walk around claiming bars in a Freetown?
With how you suck, I know head is free in Freetown
But I know sense is not free in Freetown

Lemme hear y'all niggas talking bars again'
Sark will not mind any of y'all 
So stop chasing clout hustle your own way out

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Release Year : 2020

Album : The Holocaust

Copyright : (c) 2020

Added By : Huntyr Kelx





Lyrical Joe is an artist from Ghana. ...