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Monster Lyrics

I'm a shark in the water yeah 
I swim with the big i don't have time for Willy squid pad homies 
L-l-look at the monster bumping up the funk stop like a wild monster 
Keep ur hair tied if u wanna see the youngster wanted a lil bit now here 
I'm a monster you gonna eat bread  
Or you gonna eat lobster ice on my neck finna drown you with a choker [ice]  
Really man I'm killin' em I'm coming with the speed ma palm is so itchy  
I make em  diseased bitches 
They want me they begging me 
Please finna take off her clothes 
I've been breaking her spleen yh 
I'm a wild monster  
Look at my teeth bitches on the table yeah 
I'm licking em clean room 
So dirty try to wash em real clean 
No uhn uhn i ain't using maclean  
Ma speed so fast I look like ma Quinn  
Confess all our sins straight down to the priest following 
The devil it's 6-6-6 I love it I hate it 
I drip drip drip ma gang and ma fams  
Are my top 3 list  i ain't go recapping  
What you all miss yh 
I'm a monster some apex shit ma fans are prediators 
They're wild to the feet tear off your flesh  
Imma eat em like beef if a nigga goin' crazy 
Just wipe em with a stick then after that shit  
It's gonna be what it is 
I gat attention fucking bitches 
I can't mention building Bridges 
And mansion caught a nigga imma blink 'em [poow poow poow] 
I gat intentions moving choppers with a finjets counting dollars 
Like Fiji when 
I shoot with my Glock  yeah 
I'm ready to duck I'm a shark in the water  yeah 
I swim wit the big shut up you nigga y'all looking like pigs bitches all waiting 
I told em to skip no matter the weather yeah 
I'm going to ski based on believe that's all that I see  money is power  
I'm making 'em freeze 
Ice on ma neck 'n' gold on ma teeth ask me how 
I did it  I told em I drip money is power  
Buh rhyming is key hey lil baby you looking so 
Big o lord of heaven look what you made me 
If a nigga goes crazy  
Just wipe him a stick then 
After that shit it's gonna be what it is 
After that shit it's gon be what it is


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Release Year : 2021

Album : Monster (Single)

Added By : Lowkey