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This Side


This Side Lyrics

Sunyani Ghana
Executive producer

When you come for this side 
Dea yenyɜ y ɜ na yɜ yɜ
I pull up with the gang, whole team
Noama ɜnnyɜ  na Yɜ Yɜ
When you come for this side 
Dea yenyɜ y ɜ na yɜ yɜ
I came out with 5 bad bitches
Monhwɜ nea yɜɜbɜ Y ɜ
Nnɜ anadwo me ne me side chick
Mkura mu saaa gyesɜ me nsa agyene
When i pull like skrrr, when i pull up chale yɜbɜ ha adwene
Mix the lean wih some hard pill, live life according to God’s will
Me ne me side chick, straight Versace dress channel high heels
Breaking bad with naasei, rolling up with high sense 
Afia wͻha,adwoa wͻha going home with those set
Jeans no sagging with no belt kyere me tattoos with no shirt
Either you lose or win me ti casino ase ɜb ͻroulette
Sleep them sleep perfume no yɜ creed
Demon weed tryna get na mind feed
Nana yaw will come, pull up with his jeep
On this side the positive energy that we keep

When you come for this side Dea yenyɜ y ɜ na yɜyɜ
When you come for this side bitters anoaden na Yɜhyɜ
When you come for this side wobɜ hu sɜ ɜyɜ this side
When you come for this side aha cooling kyen sea side 
On this side yɜntiapͻyɜ light no side nso atiakͻ
Sɜ nea me bͻhennessy no kwame bɜ nya na mabo na mati atͻ
Energy no yɜ real trap kingkong on this side mewͻ me kindom
On this sside nopa baako on this side kwaku hwe makyi dom
Trapping na me trapping, mayi mani na me gagging yɜ hye dem na yɜ stracking
Flexing na me flexing gold chain on the low, kwache boys womo bɜ ba abɜ sͻahwe
Most def 100 hunderd niggas attacking nso amanka doing the backing
Wobɜ twa waso atwa  wonantini old gee bobby ain’t slacking
On this side ɜtͻda bi a yɜ we aponkye bͻyɜ beer
Sɜ womo se womo ne me wͻ beef aa tell da niggas am here
On this side aha dea, on this side aha yɜ
On this side yɜ yɜ  no bad yɜti nfikyere amponsah yayɜ dɜ
Omg i hear the konkonsa boys boys dey talk
Oh my God, meyɜ foreign breed swag no fri aborad
Standing ovation, they giving me, giving me a round of applud
Addo gyae girls no daso yɜ scam,boys no daso yɜ fruad
On this side me boy no wͻ juice boys na wͻ sauce
Hard guys with high esteem, ma boys boys dey force
Fuck mep ɜ wo saara wofa makye aaa straight we going for divorce
On this side s .L 77 am feeling no remorse 
No remorse fucking your feelings am on my high horse
No remorse fucking your feelings am sitting on my high hose no remorse

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Release Year : 2021

Album : Road To TrApHouse 3 (Album)

Added By : Farida





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