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The Street No Get Joy


The Street No Get Joy Lyrics

Better style better style everywhere go shock
Better style better style everywhere go shock aaa
Everywhere go shock

The street no get love
The street no get love
E no get joy, e no get joy
That why everyday I day smock to get joy
Make you nor worry me no worry me oo
Street no get joy use your sence
Guyman if dethroned no body love you
If you Brock no body Dey your side oo
Evern your guyman self-go loss guide you aaa
Go loss GUARD you so many loss guard don were Sket for street
So guyman you gall were trossa run away aa place far Rahway aaa
For out better style everywhere go shake ko
But if you dethroned no body love
You bolan bill your friends so that make everywhere good for them
For inside there some not get good mind way day see you life oo
The street no get love e no get joy
That why I day smok to get my joy
No body be my bestie na smoke be my bestie
As I day smoke I day get joy day dance so
To know say tomorrow balance so at
Ene how e be na GOD go runner for me
No be my friend oo
The street no joy aaahan
No love vo oo
If you get money use your sence so ooo
Because if you dethrone no body love you
All your friends them go runner away
Way don boll together last last them runner, street no love Street ooo
Omope wan blo nobody knows when you broke
No body day your side and if no be GOD you for don fail down
So many day your back them day Lough you ooo
Omo no one wan see you day you day flese
Make fuck this world this make nake am we’ll make e enter the
Make everywhere good, the street no get joy e no get love

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Release Year : 2022

Album : The Street No Get Joy (Single)

Added By : Joseph