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Yego Lyrics

And since I de be on the scene
I knew I was gonna be a rebel
And what I been doing is stop see y’all ain’t in my level
I woke in the club and am loving the way that they rocking the medals
The way that I carry the stick the girls are calling me Yego

Yego yego yego yego They calling me Julius Yego
Yego yego yego yego They calling me Yegooo
Yego yego yego yego They calling me Julius Yego
The way that I carry the stick the girls are calling me Yegooo

They still can’t get over the fact that am rich and I came from the ghetto
Them Young is ready to die for the money they Packing the Metal
But still I be struggling and getting the paper am hot as a candle
In case you was wondering who I be they call me Yego
The way that I tatted my body you think I was stamped with the devil
They call me illuminati cause I be so rich and am settled
Opponents just running from me,mmh,they don’t want a battle
Cause they ain't no match for me,nigga am Julius yego
They calling me Julius Yego
Them people are calling me Yego
They calling me Julius Yego..They calling me Julius Yego
I finally made it on top of the game hakuna michezo
Jina imeshika Kitui,Nyeri,Bondo,Alego
Ka haunijui basi boss soma label
Khali Jones aka Julius Yego

Name you price na nitaibuy jo bila kunego
Madem wanajipa ju washatambua tuko na uwezo
They giving it up cause we promise to buy them a pair of stilletos
But really they just want the stick cause they know that I throw it like Yego
Am doing two hundred and forty but still got my feet on the pedal
Am betting my music gon blast you can tell from the bass and the treble
Celebrity up in this place so when they see me they are like hello
And I be like “hapari kani” like my name was Yego
East or West wherever I go they calling me Yego
Them shawties loving how I carry the stick like Julius Yego
Nigga you ain't In my level ..Baba yao aka Julius Yego
Jaduong’ an jabondo omera gilwonga jatelo
An gi pesa mangeny in fact asegero
Ot maduong’ an 

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Release Year : 2015

Album : Yego (Single)

Copyright : ©2015

Added By : Trendy Sushi





Brian Robert Ouko better known as Khaligraph Jones is One of the most celebrated Hip Hop artists in ...