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Hiroshima Lyrics

Ey you know what time it is right! Ha-ha-ha-ha
Khaligraph Jones, hey Dax whats good you ready?
(Big shout out to Vinc on the beat btw)
Let's get em

Men I'm always on the rap like this everyday 
But ain't no rap the match up is quick
And they never like that (Woo)
Ain't met a nigga who out-rap me 
On a record when am in right back
But you fck boys getting hit like that
And I know a lot of niggas wanna fit in my class
But I go hard these hoes really wanna blow me up
You would think I was living in Iraq (Brrrt)
Now can you memorize that 
Get a pen and a paper or maybe get an iPad (Iyee)
I can't pretend that I'm bad 
But remorseless sympathy is what a gemini lacks
You wanna level as you better analze rap
Before you get penalized you couldn't handle my craft 
Nigga better recognize I made a terrorized facts
The only weapon is my steel arms like jack

Introduce you to a new faith
Hit you with the Holy Ghost and change your faith
That make you want to see the light 
And you complain about a toothache
Same niggas you can tolerate pain 
But they always wanna bite 
Y'all niggas sound like blue face no flow half beat 
You a bitch, and I guess fight like choppers in the suitcase
Keep on talking that shit tutakukang'a we gon away your life

My mission is to prove to you people
My passion is deep they refer to me as the patron
African rappers just sleep 
So I spaz on the beats on behalf coz I know they woun't 
Aside from me, Sarkodie and maybe Nasty C
See the rest ain't concerned about the throne
African rappers you need to get up on your feet
Rep your people, your city, your home

When you gon realize that it's time already
Remember BET I was nominated
So what's your excuse fck I find it petty
And you are emotional like a movie by Tyler Perry
And it's kinda scary I got my news on the next
They always lie on telly something that we don't respect
I got no time for hating, I always keep em in check
I'm on the grind like Eddy, I don't compete with the rest

But the truth of the matter 
Is that if you wanna achieve a certain goal
Stay away from all the negative energy 
I done came from the bottom 
And I know what it always means to be a looser
Niggas always want to show the jealousy
Imma keep it a 100 and nothing less
I told you I don't conversate with mfckes
Who ain't really pretend to be
Put my index if we ever collaborated
It's a fuckn miracle my nigga
I know you feeling the chemistry

Samahani ka ninakuboo lakini pole sikupei
Na ka bidhaa ni ya maana napandisha vitu bei
Serikali ya watapeli wanapenda kutuplay
Wamefanya mavijana kazi siku hizi ni kublaze
Ni kubaya sidanganyi si kupenda aki
Ju gava isipotenda haki
Tutabaki tumepotea ka watu tuna-idolize
Ka DMX ama Brenda Farsi
God bless their souls

What you thought was gon happen 
When two of the best in the game collide though
Hey yoh Dax what he do
Better tell'em Omollo is repping Kanairo (Iyee)
For you rappers is over, the best thing to do 
Is to hold to your Bibles
If you ain't meant for this shit 
Then just leave it if nothing you poking your eyeballs

Introduction to the African rap scene
The name is Dax
New era if they oppose we know this cap
Every head I throw, straight blows 
They back I push them out they place
They need to chiropractic and leave me alone
I don't never sleep been woke 
So they heard as I'm counting sheep
Don't trip when I'm hungry just feed me bitch
Coz like a fat nigga I don't ever see defeat
Yes sir my shit's is on a level absurd
So high they cannot reach 
God's flow so they pray on me 
As I bless this game with the words I preach
Shift gears my speed clocks times they fear
So they talk cause I take my dreams 
I see manifest from make belief 
To a life I said I would always meet
All the mfckers I blow the eyeballs a 99.9 percent
Chance you desire infect like lysol

A tower over so if I fall, get it?
Not a chance cause if I fall I would land in France
My kiss of death is not romance
So once I rap you in this trance 
I blow you up like Japan
Atomic they stab me but leave me alone  like a comic
R.I.P that was homage they marvel at my skill 
I watch a ton of rappers who did see them with their sonics
Imma head my tails iconic 
Prophecies fulfilled with ink I spill a modern nostradamus

My lyrics, my cadence, my flow 
The reach of my work without selling my soul
Gave this my life don't you jacket my flow
But what you will need if you hop on my boat
These people pretend like I ain't been a GOAT
So I'm purging they feet 
Till they throw up and choke on the bushes 
They say he's going harder than me 
And then once they admit it I'm slitting they throats 
I'm a mtherfckng African King
Nigerian blood in South Africa calls me moozy
Might hit Lusaka the flow as my capital grows
Out of Zambia is a movie
You better duck when I rap I'm noy feeling my words
I transcend it shout out a cootie 
People claim that I'm corny 
But stay on my story and following me
Like a fckn groupie 

How does that add up, how does that sound
The way MP3 and background add lips to your body
And those pants are the reason you can't get off the ground
Life you up and smack you down I'm raw
WWE that's an acronym for worldwide extortion
Cause that's what I do to beats
And that's the reason ain't nobody want me on their feed
But the things they clown me for were all back in my infancy
Fame chases me that's why they in for me
But can't get into me cause I'm not outhere 
Slaving for the industry

My soul's, my name nobody taking it from me
I'll wear a dress and still be twice the man you'll ever be
Shout out Khaligraph, Mr Jones we just made history
An African collab they will speak about for centuries
It's Dax!

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Release Year : 2022

Album : Invisible Currency (Album)

Copyright : (c) 2022 Blu Ink corp.

Added By : Huntyr Kelx





Brian Robert Ouko better known as Khaligraph Jones is One of the most celebrated Hip Hop artists in ...