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Trophies Lyrics

Nowadays i feel my brain
Me mbu ade3 nti wokasa hw3 ho yiee
Hehehe ! Yenbuade ! Life
Ey! Ouuuu!Ey! Eyy
Satan are you ready for this one?
Okay okay okay !
Kaw ! Kawabanga ! Kawabanga !! Kawabanga

Bad boy gangster trap house ha akye (akye)
Me ne cityboy yantwe aa y3 pe (y3 pe)
Sie wo sika anadwo y3 gye (y3 gye)
M'ani ay3 kcc gyai madamu mente (mente)
Y3 mo s3 we no go blow up (blow up)
Ya sendi me message wc hangout (hangout)
Akwasi broni se w3 feeli me vibe (ouuuuuu)
Me borga aba so we dey out (Baw)
Still badboy men heati me (heati me)
Wate me ho asem fa b3 hooki me (fa b3 hooki me)
Wo feeling vibe so wo dissi me (dissi me)
Mopie baako aa na mo streak me (streak me)
Pressure na mede ba no nyame nsc y3 mu
Akata akata na mede wura wu mu
Me geng no abc ano y3 gyena mu aa yenhu
Ah y3 gyena mu aa (yenhu)
M3 murder beat ama engineer threatening me
Nti won checki meaa mene wanum
S3 wo bc wo ho ban koraa y3 de gu mu
Asocden abocden mosc aa nay3 dum
Skuu skuu ! Mohyia yen fum! (Okay)
Anadwo du ! Y3ne girls wc Adum. (Alright)
Y3ne girls wc Adum. (gang Gang Gang)
P.O.K (Prince Of Kumerica) ne Kawabanga
Wei 3ny3 hit wei ey3 banger
S3 y3 ne pay pay a y3 wo langa
DC boy boy me me y3 Swagger
Me ne Rabbi Jones we no Dey hear ur matter
Pull up in the range or pull up in the tata
Scars on my face I'm a real trappa
Boy I'm no fool and that's on my papa
Me Me vim kyen Tsikata
Sika no y3n ne bi na ya di ama na sa
Babia mefre no y3 ne time Rolex bo wo a y3twa wonsa
Shiw shiw, boys hyia mea kyew kyew
Water pistol hy3 me dan mu
wo girl ba fie a piew piew
Me namfofuose me y3 silly
3maa no me y3 omo libe libe
Real bad boy freme Diddy
Matwitwi tampi me ko didi
Yeah and I'm screaming free my bros
Nigga no flexing in my zone
I'm Prince on the streets but a king on the throne Asakaa

Badman standing we no go flop
Came from deep down heading to top
Kiki m'akum me Opp
Dbloo (blood) ay3 meho mawro me top
M'ato ato Dustbin mu ma twa me stuff
Ma die me puff
Hold on Thywill
Okyena anopa kcgya me court
Moa ma me face nti na me ma mo gab
Hwenhwem ade3 nti yanya we trap
Henny no wc heefa it's time to pop
Bronii sika no it's time to chop
We trapping  mmmm mmmm
We Scamming  mmmm mmmm
Cee Maame
Gye nyame (what you waiting for?)

Something something about to happen
One thing one thing i don't fear nothing
3nora amadwu y3hy3 dam we counting
Money money i gain from hunting

I gain from haunting
We had nothing
Wake up in the morning we up to something
Heavyweight TrApper KingKong Nyame
Delilah hwe me saa Wo hu me Sampson
Aha y3 Savage
Phone no k) off flight mode we out of coverage
Next location we on an island Off White Rep metwen me Package
Girl no de ahwer3ho) wae nsa mesi aden Barima bi ati wakoma
Wosi daabi Barima biaa nt3 nakoma wanya miscarriage

They never thought that we had it in us
We just begun 3b3gye mo nsa
Tu tu tu tu we not messing around
Y'ako aa y'aba, y'aba aba ab3 ka
Same game different play
Stay same different day
Same day same grind day san y3 holidays
Yes, off course wo kae y'antie y3n nnu y3 ho nti 3nfa woho
Wo wonti y3 lifestyle nase na wo se y3 kye y3 ho
Girls and boys on this side nyinaa y3 jiggy wahu de3 me kyer3 no
This the life we living 3ny3 Cine no reverse bro

Been through a lot of shit full diaper
Bisa Kawabanga full gangster
Son of Zongo Thywill of Allah
Odeeeshi that's king of Santa
Boy mey3 too fly Peter Pan dad
Yeah fine boy wo drip no 3nny3 nwunu
Saa all my boys neck freeze
Y3te street a obiaa ada
If you ain't heard of us turn your TV on we breaking the news yeahh
Allegations biaa pae a me ne me boys we breaking the rules yeah
Girl no y3 too bad and boujie aswear she sipping my juice yeah
If you ain't heard of us turn your TV on we breaking the news yeah

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Release Year : 2022

Album : Trophies (Single)

Added By : Farida





Kawabanga real name Adu Sarfo Patrick is a drill artist from Ghana. He is best known for his de ...