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Maman Lyrics


It was a Sunday evening that she passed away
She wanted my happiness but she left me
I went through ups and downs
Almost kissed the street
The suffering had started
Going to school without bread
Stay on the street for nothing
I wanted better than that
But the world wanted her to leave
And the love of a mother I lost too early
I shed tears
and it was not easy to say that my mother died
I saw the others rejoice in the presence of their mother
But I had no choice
Going out at 8 a.m. and returning in the evening
The suffering of her absence
if i could see it
When I shed my tears
I thought I was in a television series
When I sawNOELLA
Crying  it is when I saw that is a reality
SALAM to my Auntie  MAMETTE
who was always there to take the controller
Mom where you are
You left a soldier  called JOY
But one day God came
He raised my head he said to me joy don't fear anything
I have peace plans for you
Follow me and turn your gaze to the cross
Your future is in my hand
Don't worry I know your slow tomorrow
I am the bread of life I erase your worries
I give you life
I know what you're going through
But I give you wisdom
No worries no pain
I am your strength
Father thank you because you've done a lot in my life
Lord I’ll follow you anytime cause I know you
I belong to God he lifted my head
He became my mom
I don't fear anything anymore He is the God of orphans
his goodness is renewed  renewed
he alone gives me new life
Oh my lord i will follow follow you
Cause I wanna know you
He is life the truth
From the worries he freed me
He changed my identity so now I can do what I want
He took my tears to water the plans
That he has to place for my life
A compassionate God
To him I am grateful
In the bible he says
I'm the one who comforts you
I am the comfort
No matter how BIG are your worries trust in God
He is the solution I can testify
Don't see your sins
He can erase them
He knocks on your door, open your heart
He loved you before your life on earth
Don't see your sin
He has already erased them
Revelations 21: 4 it is written that he wipes your tears
don't kill yourself
put God by your side
How to end without telling you about faith
By faith I am anchored
By faith I understood the universe of God
When I am weak it is there that he acts better
Never worried
Praying is my remedy
I identify myself in his presence
Keep your faith
When all goes wrong keep your faith
GOD is the solution
When all goes wrong keep your faith
Faith is firm assurance
To have received the things you ask for in your prayers
brother it’s faith that produces patience
Yeah i have patience
EMMA open the heavens so i stay with you
so that i can see you , work for you, dance for you ,and do everything for you
GOD of everything
Now I finish
You still worrying
Take JOY

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Release Year : 2020

Album : Maman (Single)

Added By : JOY





Joy Diakubikua is a recording artist from Kinsasha, DRC Congo. ...