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Heaven Interlude


Heaven Interlude Lyrics

I love the way that you walk, I love the things that you say
Baby, you funny as hell, I love the jokes that you make
I think you’re one of a kind, definitely can’t be replaced
I can’t believe that you real, I had to pray just in case
You bring the tears to my eyes, you bring a smile on my face
You make me feel more alive, I used to feel out of place
You make me wanna be strong, you make me wanna be brave
You always have me inspired, so I had to write this to say

I wish I had heaven for you
So I can give you everything you need
I wish I was better for you, I try every day to make you see
Baby, you’ve been heaven for me
I don’t think I’ve ever been complete
Baby, you’ve ben heaven for me

I wish you could feel what I feel and see the way the way that I do
Coz you’ve been sunshine to me, I hope that I’m being to you
I see how you look at yourself, I see that you doubt what I say
I know you’re scared that I’m here, I know you thought 'bout that day
We've had our ups and our downs, I know I'm not always great
I hate that I made you feel sad, I hate that I’ve ruined your day
I wanna make you feel heard, I wanna make you feel good
I’ll always treat you with love, and make you feel understood
I fell head first for your ass, sometimes it scares me to shit
How quickly I got so attached, how easily you had me whipped
How I never wanted to leave, the night we met in the club
How I went to bed with a smile, excited for me to wake up
I got your number that night, and I’m so glad that I did
Coz you were so out of my league, plus I was awkward as shit
I always though to myself, how random you being there was
I knew that as soon as we spoke, I will be falling in love

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Release Year : 2020

Album : The Girl In the Durag (Album)

Copyright : (c) 2021

Added By : Huntyr Kelx





Hanna (born 1999) is an artist from Zimbabwe. ...