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Point Of Correction


Point Of Correction Lyrics

Shout outs to the old queens who paved the way
When na mo  starti female rap you be queens no debate
Abrewa Nana b3y33 bi )k)) y3 Eno saved the game
So I pay you my respect nsensa ka a keep the change

It's our time we holding it down 
Tryna break the chain
Tryna make the name
Keep the crown tryna make the pay
Real bad bitch I no go diss
Nah that shit be lame
M'amba ha anb3 sra me 
Freda Rhymz is here to stay

Funny how the idols start dey diss now
2020 mo da so pre crown
Teacher f)) yerenom they're dissapointed in you
Wode omo anim ay3 f)m thatv was a big foul (Oh how)

Been here for a couple year me baa y3 mo an biggi me
Shout outs to all my hoes menim s3 mo diggi me
Baako no koraa de s3n )no )kaa ne ho ye b)) no hwee
Eno Barony no )baa y3 w'anb3 runni hwee

W'anya sika a blame it on your brand
Everyday we're working baby
Nyame nti my thing go stand Ah
Y'angyegye wo so na wodi nsem)nee

Wose wo mp3 wele k) yi nam a w'ayi m)m)nee
Rap Goddess making zero impact
Making zero hit track
Sister you for sit back, sit up
You no be queen buh the people dey bring down

Show me your strength by how many people you lift up
)se y'adi me wow that amaze me
Cos the only thing I'm fucking is amazing
I'm fucking amazing M'avexi

Abi the new queen, wontease3 a deaad
Ny3 ab3buo ne nkurase kasa, Yenim rap ankasa
Carry Sunyani for my back, M'ab3ti m'abasa
3yaa sua dressing na 3no na 3hia
Dua pa no m'aforo aka s3 Ghanafo) b3pia Ah

Queen of the new school, New drip, new groove
New beat, new style, something you're not used to
I used to watch you on Youtube
Cos ano dey see you on the tele oh booboo

First female I win hitmaker
Shawty no a breaki record
)mo copy me style
Bra na me nky3re mo de3 33k)
Bra na me!!

Ad3n aa Queen Solomon
Wode3 me mp3 s3 m3b) w'apaawa so 
Young girls y3 ade3 a
S3 wode3 abrewa

Yh De3 mede ba no y3 scary
Chaley Freda bi the true don't dare me
M'ate s3 wo you got the game on lock
Sister y3b3 ky3re wo se we got a spare key

Mo de3 kasa nkoaa mo ni no fire
Mo ntumi me bring me your ghost writer
Drip ne flow no me w) no chaw
Ano dey use sef now adey find buyer

Wo koraa de3 na me hu wo s3 me auntie
Wob3 b3 dissi me checki wo ampit
Dabiaa na Godfather Godfather
Me bisaa y3 )no na 3wor) wo panties

How many rounds ansa na wo nya gy3 gy3 
Wo hy33 ase3 de w'ase gyee verses 3ny3 n3
Anadwo adidie no 3yaa gyae, wo hia gym

Firi s3 woto ne w'afu y3 p3p3
B) me din ma me chop SM boss
Bisa koraa de3 yese )si so a nonstop
Area boys m'ate s3 obiaa ayi wo dross
Rest in peace w'adaka no 3w) s3 y3ma wo cross

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Release Year : 2020

Album : Point Of Correction (Single)

Copyright : (c) 2020. Young Mission Entertainment

Added By : Huntyr Kelx