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Best Rapper Africa (BRA)


Best Rapper Africa (BRA) Lyrics

Let me hit u with the new Flavour ɛnyɛ adaada
Flowking Stone is back on the mic with the rap
Sɛ wo da a da
Yɛ bɔ fifa 2020 Wo se brick game, w’ahyɛda anaa
Go tell African rap sɛ the king is in the building
Dada aba

George Gyara feature me Aso somewhere 2003, almost 20 years ago
ɛnyɛ ɛnɛ na me ne obi ɛba Abɛ pre
Te firi wo age mu na w’adi sɛn
Me ho na ɛfɛ yɛ nnyɛ tipɛn
Make u no Dey bother/boarder me, mo na mo bu 
Dining hall aduane, yɛ pɛ Sika na adi

I’m from the era of Cassete, baggy jeans, Floppy disc
But I still Dey murder the boys in this age of internet
They can never touch my intellect
On my name u put respect
You’ve been sleeping on the best
When you wake you will regret

Bisa Lord Kenya deɛ me ne menua Kunta de yɛ boys city hotel
1997 Tupac night e no be today we Dey give them hell
How many artists who Dey go solo from a group become successful like Flowking
How many rappers who Dey make hits right now made hits in the early 2000s

Name them, I will wait....

She be like, after he made us Go low so 
Simple now Flowking Dey Blow my mind
Wedding bɛn Na wo nte wɔ aseɛ
Programs Akitua ne emu akaseɛ
Nso Same energy a yɛ de bɛ pushy wo din anka 
yɛ de bɛ mia wo ahyɛ nfinfin '
sɛ deɛ ɛto kɛseɛ de yɛ G string
Saa wo su a na osere
I came in I saw it I did it again and again
Over 20years still I Dey reign as a king
They be lying to them sɛ they running the game
ɛnkosi dabɛn Na Ghana bɛ ka nokware

They be counting 1,2,3 without the 1
So the number 2 becomes the first, the 1
But you can never replace the 1
I no be one of them I be the 1
Boy no speedy, formula 1
And my position is 2- 1
Second to none,
Me ne rap te sɛ Rasta ne Iwan

Allow my mouth to wow the crowd a while
I’m proud they used to doubt but now
I’m out they shout aloud
The round of applause
They bow, but how

My crown will never go down so bounce
Wo ne me kɔ pound for pound a maka wo,
me goons around adwa wo, ya pa wo, ya hao, ya pra wo, ya Gya wo

I be the dude the people Dey choose
The one with the goods
I’m back on the news
The game Dey abuse
I never Dey loose
My music Dey shoots The fools,
They ooze

Nananana, Flow from Ghana, Copa cabana, raising the banner
Sweet Banana in my cabana, charmer
So the ladies are fallen like manna

Not only your senior
Best rapper Africa

See the problem be sey most of the fans no Dey really understand what’s rap
And the level we Dey be too advanced so the shallow thinkers no go bab
We got rappers who got lyrics, but can never be fast with the flow
We got rappers who get flow, so so nonfa Lyrics Them Dey Blow
We got rappers who can never stick to the theme, deɛ ɛbɛ ba ne tirimu biara na waka
We get rappers who Dey deliver with vim, nso ɛya ne nsem no mu ɛha

Na dwene no nduro hɔ, nti ɔtry punchline biara na ɔde awɔ hɔ
Ne flow yɛ Nkomo a ya rhyme
When u go deep poetry nni hɔ
Then we got the baby’s pool rappers who can never be deep, only commercial songs
Then we get the Kendricks, Flowking Stones and the Eminems few of the all round dons

I Dey talk about the masters master
Flowking be the rappers rapper
Harder than the baddest gangsta
Hustlers With the smartest rap bars

Flow makes demma rap best sankwas
Wo counter a u will be captured faster
Cut them off like Busta’s Rasta
I Dey put them in a casket faster

So many be telling me sɛ me na me de Ghana bɛ gye Grammy Dabi
Nti me deɛ ma focuso me kɔ manim, ma yi mani
Me believe sɛ deɛ me de Makoma ne ma dwene ne me body na ɛbɛ follow na ɛbɛ ba mu
Nti me deɛ me nfa me energy mma enemy
Nobody go Dey bother me
The realest go Dey follow me
They feeling me, sɛ deɛ me si fa nwene me nsɛm te sɛ jorome
When ever they Dey try pull me down e no Dey work

Err, sɛ mo deɛ na mo ngye me ndi sɛ me nso mɛtumi 
Afeeli stadium no bi ɛnɛ kɔ bisa Obuasi
Me no me nfa ho ne mo adwene bone
Deɛ me de bɛ si mani so na mayɛ
Mo adwene mu tum sɛ ɛmo ase

Forget awards, bebree omo tɔ
Let’s talk about rap, ɛnyɛ sika a obi wɔ
ɛnyɛ obi na ɛtɔ aduane mayɛ di
Awards nso yɛ wɔ bi, ɛnɛ y3 bɛ di rap nkommo

Yɛn kɔ no rapper for rapper
Bar for bar
Flow to flow
Style to style , Wordplay, punchlines
No bias
Ebi there u go see say Bra yɛ BRA
They be spitting gibberish
Telling me sey they be sicker than syphilis
Trouble is, people they believe demma comedies
Enemies playing with the minds of the illiterate villagers pulling us
We the best like I be Khaled
I be limitless
Forgetti the hater the realest go be feeling us
Believers, spreading wanna name to the universe
So we just forget everybody get the dividends

Not only your senior
Best rapper Africa

They never gave me half opportunity 
What they gave the rest
So if I’m still here, then I must have been the best
This game is full of melanin how can it be fair

When they paying bloggers double 
So my post they never share
But the few who Dey believe in the truth 
Still go push u thru

I’ve been abused but I refuse to loose
They can never walk in my shoes
When I’m in the booth
It’s a proof that the best is still on the move
I will never stand Still, till they build my statue

Ask the rap doctor,
And check my Medikal report,
I’m a very strongman
They call me Stone because I Rock

I don’t need to get the money first 
Before I sack their king
Wo top 5 mcees Flowking nim,
Wo ignorance Na wo show no bɛdwam u

So many be ganging
pɛ sɛ omo de sɛe me din
Na omo agya me adwendwen but me never thinking
Hwɛ me Gyina pintin
Sɛ mo na mo de me din kyinkyini Aduro 
So nso me never sinking

Ose sɛ nka wo nua kitua no anyare a
Nka by now the whole world yɛ mo dea
But u never gave up and u bounced back big
Flowking Stone u be warrior

Me nwom ntwam da blue jeans
Something like Gangsta be yellow tims
Still u Dey doubt that Flowking
Then we see say something Dey worry your brains

Ɔmo flow no yɛ one way Kyɛn 
Christians heaven kwan only thru Yesu
How many styles in the song
ɛnwom no si a na wo Akan, bars no nso dɔɔso

Chale we Dey innovate things 
In the art of rap that was never done
I wi... that was first of its kind
Sɛ wo tie rapping drums no wie a san kɔ tie machine gun

But they will never tell u the truth
Cos I’m never part of their group
Either they sabotage or distabilize
With their usual fake excuse

But I will never loose
Sipping on ma juice
Chilling with the crew
When they put me on the news

Falsely accused
They wanna get the views
But they never knew sɛ my name they Dey boost
Packing up my tools in the booth I Dey shoot
Killing everybody no Dey pity anybody
Nti ma paddy kɔ pɛ baabi tɛ na ma Bullet on the loose
Vamoose, poof, Flowking Stone, BRA

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Release Year : 2020

Album : Best Rapper Africa (BRA) (Single)

Copyright : (c) 2020

Added By : Huntyr Kelx