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Rap Goddess


Rap Goddess Lyrics

Ababawa wasi so aa wo ho bawee
S3 teacher nii yere
Y33nu nkwan mu ap3 nam aa
wele atwe ne ti apue
Ntomtom si berma hwua ho aa
ↄde nyansa na 3te ne t3
3nsu hw3 gyimifoↄ no
ↄde ahopepr3 ato punch
agye animguase3
I’m laughing like killer

Wonte ase3 aa d33d3
Mberma yi feature ↄmo ho
akↄ ↄmo anim
Ato mbaa ne beef
Moy3 nso aa as3 mo sↄ ahw3
Mo pre ne nhwehw3 anim
Adwuma yi aa sika nnim
Nso mo te ho na y3di mo tw3
Nkwan dwo aa ano sini biaa ka bi hw3
Rap ay3 fo ma kwatafoↄ twa ho hye3
Wama nwomtoↄ asan manum
If you can’t change the game
Don’t play at all for here
3ba no rap aa moani da me so s3 abakan
Mo y3 ahenkwaa
Hw3 s3 me si mo so s3 apakan
Me bobↄↄ mo din mpo na y3 bobↄ mo adaka eei
Way back nso mo hu me aa as3 moahu kakai
The fact say corona come
No dey mean say
Nkwasiasem 3mb3 fa m’afikyire
If you ask for it
Me de b3ma wo nwonwonwono
Me te ho eeii
Me maame nton asikyire

To all those who want my downfall
I’m the only female rap God
Nyansa 3da metri mu
Y3pↄne ketekete de to wadene mu
3b3 bu wo kↄn
Mey3 fresh paa but I’m still street
Watch left and right before you cross me
Me s3 real s3 maame
Cos nobody cook beef
Your mouth mouth wey dey force me
I never went from interview to interview
Bragging to the world that I’m the best
Found myself in a race full of men
And I still rose on to the throne
Cos I’m the best
And that is how I became the king of queens
Nti me ne mo mb3 pre for who’s the queen
If I was a dog
Nobody go git be my b!tch
No female artist can fuck with me
Cos that’s the last thing

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Release Year : 2020

Album : Rap Goddess (Single)

Added By : Farida





Eno Barony, born Ruth Eno Adjoa Amankwah Nyame Adom on October 30, 1991 is a  female rapper and ...