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Game of Thrones


Game of Thrones Lyrics

Hmmm yeah yeah

Monfa ntoma nfira mea
Monfa mahenkye no nhye me3
Monfa kyinii3 mbesi meso
Monma Ghanna bloggers nyinaa ny3 me kyeame ee

Mane nto y3 kuto mufo) no se
Medi mehene dada wo omo akoma mu
Award no de3 mo de ma mea megye
Moanfa amma me koraa still ah megyina mu

Ya sos) tah so ama na bon
Meyem koraa anka nn3 m3pon
Nea wode naade3 de benkum n3gy3
Nkyer3 nifa nhw3 ma obi nfa nkot)n

We fighting for the throne 
But you already know who the king is
Four minutes on the show and the whole world
Talk say about how the lady killed it, yeah

Four bard koraa you go feel me
When am on stage you go feel me
No disrespect to no rappa'
But king of rap in Ghana now is a female

This is what we call a bitter truth
To accept it e go hard for you
Yes we've given the crown 
But any time you hear the truth
Kids, freak you go frown

Last time I put you up on a beat
Mo best rappa se I put him in his feelings
Me ho aye huhuuhu mohu me s3 corpse
B33ma aniso ay3 ne dizzy

But my time is now
Hw3 se nea ma ma mmaa afiri proud
Nanso referee no se foul
Wone hwan ko ka se ay3 goal y3 mmua wo

Game no me mafa no do or die
Nkoraa nketoa nyinaa hu me icon
I don't need to blow my own horns
Waakye no y3d3 nso 3ni sign board

Too deep for your small mind
Mey3 gold ah galamsey no go fi mine
So if you say either you the best herrr
Then who am I?

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Release Year : 2020

Album : Game of Thrones (Single)

Added By : Huntyr Kelx





Eno Barony, born Ruth Eno Adjoa Amankwah Nyame Adom on October 30, 1991 is a  female rapper and ...