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Da Saura


Da Saura Lyrics

In kana da kafa toh ba ruwanka da hand out
A outstanding performances ma i stand out
I’m with the producer having a bargain
We done mastering then i came up with a bar again
This is rashin trust
This is to whom e concern
This is when you’ve paid but they waiting for alert to confirm
Nace a daina downloading a koma streaming rap
Sukai ta zagi na se ga su boom tare da streaming app
Some up and coming artists be seeking my validation
Tryna sit next to me and talk about collaborations
Tiktoking recording and posting shit
Shit won’t make me spaz coz they will diss me
But the moment they see me thay kissing a**
Staking beef for hassada, bawani beef it’s hassada
How you gon say that you beefing with a food ambassador
For every door to success, consistency is key
Sun hana kowa sauraro na amma sistern su ta ki

Da saura, da saura, da saura, da saura, da saura
Da saura, da saura, da saura, da saura, da saura

Gani nan, babu inda zani
Your favorite artist is the best a inda ba ni
See you best rapper’s, best rapper’s  all i go beat join
Babe dinka ta taso in kwashe ta kaman bitcoin
I’m holding profits, your boyfriend is holding grudge
Shoot shots using cryptos
I’m someone you can’t dodge
Steady flow with no seizing
I’m just dope for no reason
The king of the north is here and this is the snow season
Na kwarara kai ko kana zuba dis dis
Breaking the code to pieces
This is what practice brings
I’m a star, it seems they don’t know what glow this is
Da bouncer na nake ka matso ka ji
Chis chis chis
I can keep em coming all day inna da su buhu buhu
Step up on the stage and grab the mic and let’s see who be who
Tun kafin in fara naji ka fara su uhu uhu
Pull up in a ghost, scare them like it’s Scooby doo

Da saura, da saura, da saura, da saura, da saura
Da saura, da saura, da saura, da saura, da saura

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Release Year : 2023

Album : Your Fav (Album)

Added By : Farida





Haruna Abdullahi Professionally known as Dj AB is a Rapper/Singer/Producer/Recording and Performing ...