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JoWo Lyrics

Ye ye ye ye,Oh ye ye ye,
Haaaaaaaa, Is sound Man Dizkid oh. 
Bad boy Christiano on the beat My baby Jowo
You course disaster then you run away leave me go han, 
(Mogbe oh ye,) 
(Let me let me know,) 
Han I tell your mother for you oh know, 
Know, know, know, know, Ah,say you 
Tell me say you go they,
Ah when the money no they, 
But right now you con they do me say you know go follow me go,
 Ah baby Jowo My baby Jowo, My baby Jowo, 
I want to be the one by your side,ah 
Like a bodyguard Han,now let me know what to do,
 My baby to make you feel alright, 
Ah ah (Mogbe oh) 
Tell me what to do, 
Anything for you baby oh, 
Wanyonma, I want to know ah. 
Chrous My baby Jowo oh ah, 
Monica Jowo oh a, Kojomalowo ah 

Sebi you tell me say you go they, 
Ah when the rabber know they (Mogbe) 
But everything you course dissaster 
You won to run away,
 Ah you tell me suchthing, 
You better let me know, 
Tell me what you looking for, 
Everything on your mind oh I wonna know, 
(I wonna know) I want to be the one you never know 
Won else you know (You know ah) 
My baby tell me won't you fit, 
I want you to be the one, 
I want you to be the one for me Ye ah, 
You Burst my brain oh,
Ah My baby Jowo oh, 
Monica Jowo oh, 
Ye monico Jowo oh, (Han,Han,Han) 
Course I want you to be the one for me, 
Whatever Tell me, 
What you want to tell me now, 
Say you know go follow me go, 
Monica Jowo oh, 
Oh baby Jowo oh, 
Oh baby Jowo oh, 
Monico Jowo oh,
 You run away when money know they, 
But right now when the rabber con they 
You won they follow me they, (Ah mogbe oh) 
I don't know what else to say, 
Just accept my own request, 
I fit go down on my knees, 
You make me craze oh, 
My mommy use to tell me, 
My son don't believe in a girl, 
They go tell you say I love you, 
But later they go leave you, (Mogbe oh) 
Baby please don't do That to me oh,ah 
My baby Jowo oh, Kioribamise oh ah, 
My baby Jowo oh, 
My baby tell me what you want, 
Everything you want is me, 
Everyday and Everytime. 

Chrous Monica Jowo oh ah, 
Oh baby Jowo oh a, 
My baby Jowo oh, 
Monico Jowo oh ah. Last 

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Release Year : 2021

Album : JoWo (Single)

Added By : Dizkid