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Why Lyrics

Yea, I just turned off my brain allowing my heart to do the talk (huh)
How many times do I have to pull myself back yet I own the top (huh)
If you don't stand on your own man you loose respect, 

I need changes the trophy is mine and you know this.
In my heart I ain't got no enemies, 
I'm so unpredictable and you can't guess my next move.
Don't promise me shit if you ain't gonna do it for me, 
The leader the king imma be. 
Look I know y'all bitches wanna suck this dick, 
I'm happy I'm living the life y'all seeing on Tv 
Jay zee your mouth ain't got no difference with pussy, 
They said I rap like nasty c! Fuck that bish I rap like smaak reddy 
To me nasty c is baby talk about 2 pac and slim shady 
Slaughtering all em rappers aint showing no Marcy 
Y'all talking about my government, 

Now look the opposition and the rulling one! 
I fuck them both I'm not just being disrespectful 
I got alot of shits to spit 
The account of justice is bankrupt and nobody talk about it.
In my country loosing a life become so simple 
So everybody is always ready to give it to anybody who wanna take it 
My heart is full of hope, everytime 

I think about the future I see bright things coming
I never gonna change the whole world 
But i'mma make sure I do my part 
The s Sudan is my part, 

Nigiz with digress tidy hustling man that shit got me hurt 
For how long are we gonna stay here in darkness, 
Everybody wanna get out but we all stuck in 
 It's either you opened the light or we fired up the whole thing, 
My father fought for it and you think I can't win, 
Ain't got shit to loose man I lost alot in 2013.

Now look everybody is king in his own way , 
And everybody is useful maybe so day. 
Life can change anytime that law obey 
You don't really understand why life sucks today? 
It's because you wasted alot of time yesterday 
I pray to God God listen man I'm here paying, 

Forgive me Lord I'm bad boy and that's all I'm saying 
Back to africa, I'm your son and you know I got right to talk, 
Why is every blessing around turning in to shock, 
Are you opening the light cause we lock in the dark.
Why are we shading blood instead of planning crops , 
And why do our parents give us guns instead of pens ,

Why do we train our kids to kill, 
Why do we act like we were taught to steal, 
Why do we rob why do we rape women, 
And are we getting thinner everyday like we eat cement, 
Why do we act like we're no longer brothers, 
Why do our leaders protect their own safety forgetting about the others 
I'm just asking why 

Why is the number of the street kids keep increasing, 
And why do we use drugs for abuse instead of healing, 
And why do the rich get richer and the poor die begging, 
Why do churches get close and everybody is busy sinning, 
Why is everybody forgetting you like you no longer working (WHY)
Why do they beat us why do the they kill us instead of protecting us , 

I'm here to talk my mother didn't rise a fool 
And if you don't like it then you can go to mars .
Why are parents no longer buying gifts for kids in Christmas (why)
Why are the truth turning into lies and why is everybody wanna fight
Back to God and africa 

Do you know what you have done to me , 
You gave me everything I need to distroy myself, 
I thought you were protecting me but now I'm nomore save.
Why did you turn your back to me , 
You promise not to let me down, 

I thought I will be on luxurious but now I'm shouting angry dog, 
Have a sit and talk to me, tell me where I have gone wrong! 
You took alot of souls from us you took my niga jake from us, 
Would you please talk to us, do you still wanna take from us , 
You took alot ain't that enough.

I don't really mean to shout I'm just being a human 
And that's how you design us .
Haaay I pray God reduce the suffering, 
Your children need blessings.

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Release Year : 2020

Album : Why (Single)

Added By : Smaak




South Africa