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Slow Whine


Slow Whine Lyrics

She say do you mind if I smoke
Tell her no that’s find
Matter of fact
I got some type of things to blow your mind
Put you on a different vibe
Cos it’s always looking like a perfect time to get you high
Like it when you on a different state of mind
And she looking way too sexy on that dress code
Tight dress make her always want to leave her legs close
Said she wanted company so i just let her talk to me
We up in the party getting drunk like we supposed to be

I’m in the mood tonight
I’m in my booze i want to get high tonight
With you
Don’t want nobody kill my vibe
Nobody catching my kele
Nobody killing my vibe
Oh ohhh
Omoge your body too sexy
Gan gan gan gan
And the things you’re doing to me
Blow my mind like a bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb
The things you doing omo ouu
I dey see you I dey see you for my eyes

Omoge make you roll ibadi
Ibadi ibadi ibadi for me
Omoge make you whine ibadi ibadi ibadi ibadi for me
Oh oh
Omoge make you roll ibadi
Ibadi ibadi ibadi for me
Omoge make you whine ibadi ibadi ibadi ibadi for me
Oh oh oh

True love and emotion is what I’m feeling right now
Got me tripping girl you really got my head in the cloud
So make you tell me what you really about
Well I don’t have any doubts i know a lot people asking you out
And I gotta be frank with you
Truth is I don’t stand a chance with you
So it’s kind of early for to be making with you
Can I have a dance with you then take a glance into
Your eyes and I realize I’m going to bed with you
Looking perfect from your head to your toes got me out of control
So make you just de tell me how e de go
Are you in or you out i no want come try to spoil your parole
My heart is locked you got the key to my soul
It’s kinda silly you know
Because we only met a moment ago
But I’m not really used to taking it slow
So when you’re leaving just know I’ll be waiting for you at the end of the road

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Release Year : 2021

Album : Far From Home (EP)

Copyright : (c) 2021

Added By : Huntyr Kelx





Acebergtm real name Ikechukwu Okoronkwo,  is a gifted rapper and singer. Born in Lagos, Ni ...