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LARTISTE, whose real name is Youssef, is an artist frm Morroco, born on July 4, 1985, in a small village south of Marrakech.
He arrived in France at Aulnay-Sous-Bois, in Seine Saint Denis at the age of six.
Nephew of raï singers, Youssef grew up with a passion for music. In 1998, after a move to Bondy, the teenager, then a big fan of Fresh Prince, joined his first band rap: Curse..A 13 years, Youssef loose rhymes inspired by the commitment of the IAM and NTM who ruled the world. 'time.
The group did not last very long but the young man found his way. For him, music is not a teen hobby: it's his life. Rap gave him the taste of writing texts and interpretation but Youssef, curious and passionate took advantage of his first years of rap to look at composition and music production. At 16, he becomes a complete artist, and simply ... Lartiste.
In 2011, pushed by his friend and collaborator Rabah, he filed a full album at the major company EMI. Neither demo nor mixtape: a real record that looks like him in every way, done by himself, with passion. In the multinational: an artistic director of a record company has recovered the fold. The compositions of the young talent of Seine-Saint-Denis but also its approach seduce by their freshness and efficiency. He refuses misery in his texts. he advocates peace, mutual aid and especially the "kif". The evening of his interview with some executives of the label that made him dream with artists like Rohff, Diam's or Soprano, Lartiste receives a phone call from EMI: "We have a contract for you."

The technique mastered, it must now accompany him with a real experience of the profession. The young talent then connects small appearances and scenes. He gains in life and his music in outfit. His first solo maxi, "Evasion", released in 2006 well received by the media and out of stock at specialist record stores, materializes its progress and validates its many talents.

A curious and open musician, he is inspired by raï and dancehall to integrate the autotune effect to his compositions in 2008. He is the first to use it for rap in France. His mixtape dated 2010, Rap 1.9, confirms its evolution: the rapper is no longer a stranger and asserts himself more and more on the French scene. But, like a few years earlier, with his band Curse, the singer arrives at a crossroads. He continues his journey alone, but this time much safer. He continues to refine his art and define his universe. Sensitive to funk, soul but also to Anglo-Saxon pop or electro, he takes advantage of his artistic independence to assume his tastes and incorporate them into his music. The "kicker" as we say in rap, more often disappears before the melodist.

LARTISTE, whose real name is Youssef, is an artist frm Morroco, born on July 4, 1985, in a small village south of Marrakech.
He arrived in F

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