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Teslim Introduction


Teslim Introduction Lyrics

What’s up world
It’s your girl Bibi Rai
Your favorite ray of sunshine
Even when the sun ain’t shining
Still kicking it here
With the man of the hour
Of course it is Vector
And it is all about TESLIM
The Energy Still Lives In Me
So Vector
With all the trials and the glows
What have you realized so far?

I realize baby mama drama is the worst part of being a father
And I should have been like sound sultan
If you saw my “D” it will
Mean my brother (E Ba mi ki baba Dee )
And i wish these haters would get at me
The enemy
If they would (wood)
I would turn them into saw dust
Cos i believe i got some goons
With the G-U- mmmn and them go plenty if you call us
I got this ol’ chich she’s still rocking anyhow
She a Krueger cougar and she thinks I’m Freddy
Now She wants me to be her king
Say she go do me things
Anything? She said “ anything
Boy look, any noun “
I’m like “wait ma”
You got a nice body so your age won’t matter
Just know a few moments from now
This page won’t matter
Meaning if we
Know what we’re doing
From the beginning
We’ll Be fine
But don’t expect me to be something that I wasn’t in the first place

Out here kicking it with me
Bibi Rai
And things are getting real
Right here with Vector
On this hot summer’s day
Speaking of hot
A lot of ladies seem to think that
You’re just that
Now, I don’t know if you know
You kinda like a sex symbol out here
But you’re not just that, are you?
Now, you spoke about
Not expecting you to be something
You’re not
Can you further elaborate

Meaning if we
Know what we’re doing
From the beginning
We’ll Be fine but don’t expect
Me to be something that I wasn’t
In the first place
I’m making it known Since first base
First base?
First base?
What is first base?
Oh i forgot look
That na yankee slang
Them no go understand
It’s magodo shangisha Or maybe Sambisa
Boy reset your pen
And write about the things the people know
But what about these other
Things that pop up in my brain
A lot of people I know just want to be entertained
They don’t really give a damn about
My feelings or my pain or how I feel when I lose it all
Going deep through the test
Going mine deep
Deep deep deep through the test
But I’m never scared
When I come across a hater
I’ve learnt how to be patient using
That globacom data boy I’ll be fine

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Release Year : 2022

Album : Teslim: The Energy Still Lives In Me (Album)

Added By : Farida





Vector, also known as Vector ThaViper, is an award wining rapper and music producer from Nigeria. ...