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Point Of View


Point Of View Lyrics

Look into ma eyes and wonder if I bi motivated at all
Why you no dey post ndwom no we gyae or you pause
Cause you still dey wonder if you still go drop a song
Everyday excuse I dey settle matter for court
Me kura me fon na me counti me loss
Use to be on twitter trending number 1 but now I’m in a box
Everybody quick to spread a rumour when you hit a brick wall
Ghanafuor ne misinformation
Omo se me yɜ ashawo cause of the things I dey talk
Me ka no korɜ ɜnyɜ sɜ me pɜ clout
Wo se ma hyɜda na me sei wo awereɜ
Nka wo kunu  ͻdwene ne ho aa
When then was he always at my house
Talk to your spouse
Obiaa yɜ hypocrite and that’s a fact
Wo bͻ me lickings pepa wo ano kͻ da wo yere ho din
Afei na interview wo pɜ sɜ wo de wo ho ni
Abena korkor yare nao nininaa ekyi no wo di yɜ
12 years and I still think about it
You know I had to write a book about it
Nka won a wa sei penalty na yɜ si bͻ ni biom aa you go panick
Yet still I did it for my country but I’m being punishing
Don’t understand it
51 goals for Ghana how many players have done it
EPL kraa bͻ ma baso nso ghanafuor si rubbish
Omo nyaa nka me na nsuo no faa me
Afenya gyan na ehu amane
Ghanafuor deɜ ɜnkyɜ na wo din adane maame hwɜ
Maa pepa w’ani nisuo na twɜn me
Me nim sɜ ghanafuor moa fe nanso to w obo twɜn me
Until we meet again anadwo biaa mo mbͻ me music
Until you see my face again my spirit’s in the music, yours truly
Ekͻma every female artist wey dey struggle
Don’t ever think you no fit do it
Cause I’m with you every step of the way
Especially wendy say
forgetti all the negative energy, focus on the music
ɜnyɜ sɜ ma hyɜda na ma moa mo sika
Adem me pɜ na me dika me ntumi nda
So many plans for the industry nso me ntumi nka
Me ngyane ankͻhyɜ dubai ne me kͻ gye me mo sika
Omo si ma sorto mpaninfuor nti aban ntumi nyɜ hwee
Omo nya yɜ aa yak ye m’atom ab ) me tuo
Sika no me gu su wai nti ma mo nsuro
Mo pepa mo ani nisuo
Dough nu mo be nya nanso ɜbɜ kyɜ kakraa
Na wei nso baa daben yɜ si me ne nkraman nɜ da
Wo aa yɜ re wo to mopo wo maame bɜ serɜ me sika
Manson hemaa odapagyan me nya kͻ live pɜ mɜka
Ma me bͻ so biom wo boss me di no ma no teta
Wo na wo si deɜn wo ne me bɜ twe afei na wo su
Wan na ekyerɜ wo high heel hyɜ
Deɜ mɜka biaa me krua evidence
Nyɜ sɜ me kasa kɜkɜ
NDC atͻ dan ama me aa nka me ntam kyerɜ
Sɜ mo kai sɜ yvonne nelson aa me me nyaa no aa me nfa nkyɜ no
Low key saa na ͻno so nyaa yɜ aa ͻnfa nkyɜ no
Me yɜ sure sɜ da aa ne nsa kaa no no wa nfa nkyɜ no
Wadamfo bɜ rewo girl nso ͻnka nkyɜrɜ wo
You bi phony, your lies no bi true enough
Mo nkͻ bias kaly jay your real no be real enough
If you think without you I no fir get hit song
Watch me drop a tape without as I take the lid off
If I see what wanna dey do the industry I dey shy
The bi why Nigerians dey laugh we all the time
Me you know say I no go sugar coat am I no go lie
Wanna artist no get sense soon we all go pay the price
If I talk then them dey talk
Some nigga with ein 2 cedi shoe too go come dey talk
See the day I go drop the album all of you go run
I’m trying to teach you people how to cash out from the music
Sekof of all of you dey hung
Tell me weytin we dey celebrate
Light off, failed economy
Galamsey, price of fuel or poverty
Be like we dey play
65 years of comedies
6th march ndependence square na mo kͻ no what dey celebrate
IMF loans or Ghana cards
Very bad roads with heavy floods
Unemployed folks or data tax
Failed promises e levy
Kͻmo de yɜ physical but we dey build cathedral

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Release Year : 2022

Album : Point Of View (Single)

Added By : Farida





Tulenkey is a Ghanian musician of Hip-Hop / Rap. ...