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Star Sign


Star Sign Lyrics

Well i’ve been through a whole lotta tuff times
Nuff people keep criticizing me and I’ve seen nuff fake smiles
A lot of talking ears through da year have made me concrete through this miles
So don’t blame me, blame society
My star sign that’s the libra
So funny huh

Well it’s all like a movie just yesterday
I still reminisce the things I used to say
That I will be who I wanna be today
But I think certain things never came my way
My mother left me for my father and things just changed
Yuh it was a hustle everything was strange
Got to hustle on the street each and everyday
Till I met my hommie dombo who said I was great
My lyrics were tight and it elevates
And soon you gonna be in the hall of fame
Then I met mister X, who took me the studio and put me on a track
My sound blow big time like volcano
All of the sudden I was a star in the town yeah
But little did I know all the fame never came with money
Distributorokratu mantey said I never sold nothing
Yuh that was funny
So I moved on to another label
Hoping to get some food on my table
Things were not different though
But star keep was able to put me on the road to success
I can’t deny that’s where I got my first car so I started smiling straight to the bank
My star sign the libra
October you don’t know me
You don’t know me nigga

Yuh I remember black rasta
Things we use to do live band rehearsals
But it never paid you
A lot of shit we went through
Just to make this dream come through you don’t wanna know
K.O.D was my hommie
Me and him at the celebration night club on da mic
But nigga fucked up my deal with nescafe
I di perform for him and it was all for free
Bolay ray had a problem with my promo CD
Said I got to be professional that I am cheap
Nigga said I was cheap but that was a motivation
Some industry
My start sign the libra
October you don’t know me
You don’t know me nigga

So I met bull dog
Who said I need to come to his office
Put me on his label
Now we start taking trophies
Down from the metropolis now we taking it world wide
All of a sudden am noticed now the gates opened wide
We going through we ain’t looking back
See how nigga looking fly
These thirsty niggaz always hating my shine
I know they plot bull dog just to stop my shine
But nigga you lie
No man can never be God
So funny
Don’t blame me, blame society
Yuh  the libra
October maaaff
You don’t know me
You don’t know me nigga
My hustle
The libra
October You don’t know me

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Release Year : 2022

Album : Star Sign (Single)

Added By : Farida





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