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Ragga Ragga


Ragga Ragga Lyrics

Yeah me a see no man 
Lord knows 
Yuh big up dj vyrusky
One don 
Yo yeah me a seh no man could a Vybz Kartel 

Mi addi gyal’em terminator 
Man a regulator 
If affi di cash man a calculator 
Man buss up di place like mi addi creator
Sketch dem pon mi rove like a animator 
Yeah dem all know mi addi one don 
Pull up inna di place inna fantom 
Drop hits songs inna random 
Shatta Movement a nuh fun gun

See mi a hol dis congregation 
Like a preacher to di nation 
And dem seh mi gi complication 
And from mi gi dem my quotations 
And give my woman nuff protection 
She show me love education 
And my life have no limitations yeah 
My life have no limitations 
We write rules 
We addi ripe fruits 
We nah fight fe lose 
None a cyaan be in mi shoes 

So me seh wine it wine it wine it wine it 
Di gyal tell me seh she love how mi grind it 
Climb it climb it climb it climb it 
Climb it like a stripper pon di long pole 
You feel it inna your soul 
Kick it like you have a goal 
Mi a your surgical king 

One don ting
Many months since dem fight dis elephant
Like di vikings our territory strong
A nuh hype man control dis kingdom 
We doing dis forever till thy kingdom come 
Yeah like di east my crew full of shattas 
Memba mi gyal addi head inna di club house
She a bad ass 
She have a golden gun inna her handbag 
Queen of hamburg 
Yo! Hear mi a see no man 
Big ups Vybz Kartel 
Big ups shawn storm 
Big ups Maxwell 
Big up every Gaza family 
Yo SM gaza 4lyf 

Mi seh 
Addi addi king you know 
Addi addi king you know 
Shawn storm teach me loyalty from mi grow 
Bounty killer a we father 
Buju a wi spiritual healer 
Real facts speak if you nuh like mi seh fck you
Portmore never freit 
Teacher ago soon come back 
So stay by your desk 
All mi want is gaza freedom
All wi want is gaza freedom 

You see it 
Mi nah play no man 
Say it again, who bad 
Mi nah hear no man 
Send 20 man come 
Dem a go dead deh man 
Chief musician mi nah fear no man 
Real man weh like selassie 
Bless we day always 
Psalm 121 Psalm 35 Psalm 32 : 8 
Read proverbs 19

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Release Year : 2022

Album : Ragga Ragga (Single)

Copyright : (c) 2022

Added By : Huntyr Kelx





Shatta Wale (formerly Bandana), whose real name is Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jr., (born October 17, 1 ...