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Non Living Thing


Non Living Thing Lyrics

Baby yah, baby yah
I give you my life
What else yah, huh

Why you do me so (ah yii ah ah)
Ɔhemaa, why you do me so (ah ah ah)
I no know wetin do you
Why you do me so (ah yii ah ah)
Ɔhemaa, why you do me so (ah ah ah)
What else, hah, tiee, ah
I figa say we doing this thing together
I thought we were gonna be forever
Na meho ny3, but i was tryna make it better
Sika s3m na 3ma Alhaji bi b3fa medƆ fo Stella
I guess I didn't get the memo
Menim s3 sei na 3b3ba nka y3 sign MOU
Always make me feel like miny3 b33ma

Mehyia wo ansa me record me first demo
2007 na me falli maa wo kai wotrim
Eno nti de3 3kƆ so nyina it's like a dream
Wob3y3 biribi kraa this is to extreme
3nyom wei guess how many people go stream
Cus a lot of niggars know exactly what I'm talking about
Mbaa b3 cheat but mb3ma is not allowed
I swear to God b33ma bia was born faithful 
Until the first femal sadly broke a vow

Until I think you come be my baby (what else)
But you don follow Alhaji go Ghana (oh)
Until I think you go be honey
But you go say...
Omo, I don give up for your loving
Because without you ano sabi love (oh oh oh)

I don't give up, I don't waiting nobody
I don't know what I am again
I'm a non living thing (non no)
I'm a non living thing (without you)
I'm a non living thing (baby)
I don't exist
I don't exist (without your love)
Non living thing

Beginning I thought I was trippin
But na menim s3 the time is ticking
And I could see that something was missing
Me maa wo liberty, I never kept you in the kitchen, cus
Super woman and I believe in your vision
Kapr3 ni meho but I was wishing

S3 menya bi cus when I talk you no dey listen
Meni b33ma but you took over position
Sekof Alhaji dey pay, na agya menso meni block (ah)
Wei mo nyina b3si d3n na boys ny3 fraud
3b3 no tackle tackle kraa m3 push drug

Sika y3 sika legitimate anna s3 block
Na mefiris3 we go ride until the end (ah)
Nanso all along you dey pretend (ah)
Damn I guess I lost a friend
Thought I got to figured
There is a lot I need to learn (uh)

(Ah, yih ah ah)
Ɔhemaa, why you do me so (ah ah ah)
I no know what I do you
Why you do me so oh oh (ah yii ah ah)
Ɔhemaa, why you do me so (ah ah ah)

ƆmƆ edey pain me
Ibi like say my heart don dey fail me
Adey feel living thing for my kidney
Edey shook many do for my vain
Edey pain me oh, but my brain need
Ano fit do this kenekene

I fit loss all my card all my penny
I don't know what I'm again
I'm a non living thing (non no)
Oh no no no no (Ah ah ah)
I no know wetin I do you
For you to not see you me
No no do me, oh oh so me

Yiih, ewayeme, kumayeme
Feeling my penny baby ah
Yiih, kumayeme
I'm a non living thing (Ah)

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Release Year : 2021

Album : No Pressure (Album)

Copyright : (c) 2021 Sarkcess Music

Added By : Huntyr Kelx





SARKODIE, born as Michael Kwesi Owusu Addo on July 10, 1985, is an award‐winning rapper from Ghana ...